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Application Specialist

| Independence, OH |

Aug 18, 2017

Independence Ohio North BSC Division Cash Application

I do not even know where to begin... First thing I can say is take your valuable skills elsewhere. Never in all my career have I ever seen such horrible management and basically told the business always comes first and family second. Pray you don't have a family emergency at month end and need time off. You WILL be told "but it's month end." No joke.. these managers basically own you and your life will have to revolve around Airgas. Manditory overtime whenever they feel like it. You will be told t hst usually there is mandatory overtime at month end. However, you will not be told that you could have manditory overtime in the middle of month, sometimes with no notice. Then when you tell them you can't work it, because we have lives and had made plans because it wasn't month end yet, you can pretty much consider yourself on the managers hit list. This department along with many others is a revolving door. (Check how many of the same job postings are listed every month!) Cash App and Collections. If you do want to take the chance and work here, also be prepared to do work that you did not apply for! Collections work is part of the job but apparently the manager thinks we are too stupid to realize its collections work, you will ne posting cash, but you will also be performing collections job duties. Get ready to see that's it's all about numbers and goals... they want your speed but also accuracy, which is fine, BUT the goal is extremely unrealistic and people are trying despe




Accounts Receivable Clerk

| Lawrenceville, GA |

Jul 12, 2019

They can do better...

I worked on the AR team in the Lawrenceville office for 4 years. The first 3 years were great - supportive management willing to teach and trust the experience I brought to the table, teammates that worked hard both on individual and team goals, which ultimately garnered awards from the corporate level. It was a dream job...but then things went really, really wrong when one person who clearly hadn't mastered her current position was promoted to a position she didn't truly understand. She then had a hand in hiring someone else just like her. Neither were truly managing anything but pettiness and the perpetuation of an atmosphere wherein employees are scared of losing their jobs over something ridiculously unimportant - at best, they are administrators, not managers. True managers communicate with their team and implement reporting & processes that are understandable and ultimately work in everyone's favor. True managers identify and nurture growth potential. True managers stand with their team and are not afraid to get their hands dirty by standing up to other departments who don't want to take responsibility for their ineffective processes. Administrators on the other hand, huddle in their office having meeting upon meeting then dictating policies without really understanding what the work entails or discussing with those who actually have to do it. Administrators expect grown men & women to follow blindly, never question a directive and they do not generally care about mora



| Jacksonville, FL |

Jun 2, 2022

1 star

What is the best part of working at the company?None, there is nothing good about working for working for Airgas, absolutely nothing.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Very high turnover rate among both drivers and managers due to the abusive and unproductive corporate culture and the horrendous workload brought on by short staffing. Management would consistently give out too much work for one person to do and then harass them when it wasn't completed. Management will also criticize employees for doing work that is assigned. So they criticize you for doing work and not doing work – you can’t win. Customers are constantly upset by workers inability to service them due to lack of staff and give the drivers a hard time about it. Pay was ok but definitely not enough to tolerate the poor working conditions and poor management. Management would claim that they fixed logistics issues in order to improve efficiency however in reality nothing changes or they inadvertently create other problems meaning productivity doesn't improve. This company has a culture of passing the buck, it's always your fault no matter what and everyone is always trying to cover their behind instead of taking responsibility for their actions and getting things done. Employees and managers alike learn to argue with each other rather than work with each other. Highly productive employees quit because they are exploited while people who do the least work get away with it a


District Manager

| Savannah, GA |

Aug 17, 2013

Typical Day

Airgas is a very fast paced environment and has become very demanding. A typical day can consist of several different aspects. One minute I can be at a sales call with a customer, the next minute in a branch dealing with an employee issue, and an hour later handling a compliance or safety issue. My employees and I work well together, my co-workers are in other geographic areas but we work well together if the issue encompasses both of our districts. We travel at least twice a month for regional sales or training meetings and interact with each other. The best part of my job is my interaction with the customers that I have known for over 10 years. I enjoy working with them and they have confidence in me, and know that I am selling products that they need at a competitive price. I also, enjoy the challenge of running a successful business unit and working to improve and set new goals for my self. The main reason that I joined this organization was because of Airgas's commitment to safety, I have been exposed to a large majority of the aspects that encompass my education. I also get to sell safety supplies and get training on various safety products which has helped enrich my skills in the safety industry. The hardest part of my job has become dealing with all of the changes in our computer operating system and the changes in the organizational chart with in our company. I am very open to change, but when the constant changes have a negative impact on your ability to ru


Supply Chain Manager

| Hartford, CT |

Mar 15, 2021

Great products; a good company; excellent safety record; fair wages; OK benefits .

Airgas is a very essential supplier to many sectors of the economy including health care, research/education, manufacturing as well as, the food industry. The compressed gases, cryogenic liquids and associated equipment supplied by Airgas are absolutely essential to our modern economy. However, after ten years, I felt that It was time for me to move on due to several factors. While I found much of the work I did satisfying, the management over me changed six times in eight years.(Three managers: two times each). Plus, there were three sales representatives associated with my main body of work, and I felt that they were somewhat negligent with their responsibilities leaving more for me to do. They, probably, were creating value elsewhere as it was more in their interest. I put in several hours of my own time to help implement a more automated billing system. When the managers decided to keep things manual, I was pretty frustrated due to many years of my collecting invoices manually. Airgas' software is capable of something much more (in my opinion) efficient, I am not sure why they would not throw the switch. One thing I really loved was being on the Haz-Mat response team, but time away from my normal duties just added stress. Overall, I would recommend working there. I really took an interest in the company's products. I found them very interesting, and still use some to this day. The company has an excellent safety record and safety culture. PPE is readily provided

ProsA lot of satisfaction knowing that your work is essential, very interesting products, good people, great safety culture

ConsNumerous managers, account managers, etc, make it a little difficult to please everybody



| New York State |

Jan 24, 2015

Could be such a great is terrible

Airgas, overall, could be a terrific company to work for. Pay and benefits (at least for Union drivers) are top notch. But there are some serious management issues, not just at the branch level, but at the upper levels. Dealing with HR can be a nightmare. Having dealt with two different HR reps from two completely separate divisions, it appears as though the HR issues are probably company-wide. Problems include...ill-informed HR and HR that takes forever to respond, or just doesn't respond at all. Branch management...well this will probably depend on the specific branch but...ours was terrible. The branch manager was a nice enough guy but negligent. The supervisors he installed were generally terrible. The last one was cocky and arrogant. Be prepared for the most ridiculous safety meetings. In one case, our safety meeting was all about boating safety. Boating safety? What's next? How to safely maneuver a shopping cart? In another meeting, he told the guys they had to work together like ants and snowflakes. Kid you not. The overall culture...well...a departing sales manager said it best. Airgas is a company that punishes the employees that work hard, and rewards the employees that slack, complain and whine. You've got some guys that are loaded down with work...and some guys that hardly take out any stops. Then there are the guys that take all day long to accomplish the same work that another guy does in half the time. There's a meme





| Geismar, LA |

Sep 18, 2019

It was great at first....

This place was great to work for when I first started. I learned everything I could in one year and moved from operator 1 to 3 in just 1 year. Now, after 5 years it’s like the more you know you don’t get paid for. I should have known when they changed my title in the system but not my pay for about 3 years. (No backpay) I found out o was making less than people that couldn’t even speak English and was operator 1.That was just the first step of many things that set you off at this place. Management can harass you and nothing gets done about it. They would fire you before even giving the manager a warning. You get written up for going into work early. If you work hard it doesn’t matter. You can do everything thing right and do extra work but they only notice one mistake you did and write you up. No chance for moving up. You can have all the qualifications but they will either write you up right when it comes time to decide on who they chose or just pick someone on the outside. Your just a worker not a potential asset to the company unless you basically kiss butt to move up if your lucky. I mean kiss a lot so bring some lip balm. It’s like working at a daycare we’re the kids are the managers and the employees are the adults. You never get a straight answer and when you ask something that is genuine they throw a fit. Safety seems to be last bc this place is falling apart. It’s held together by duck-tape and disappointments. If you have to choose between this place and cleaning f


Customer Service Representative

| Memphis, TN |

Aug 17, 2012


My typical day at work consists of supporting 6 industrial branches with releasing orders, reviewing customer cylinder balances, verifying that lease information on customer's accounts are correct, contacting customers about their past due balance, resolving customer disputes and submitting credits on accounts that were billed in error.The main thing I have learned at work is to be positive, be willing to assist my branches with any issues they may have and to always have a good open line of communication. These attributes have definitely helped me build a strong relationship with all my branches and their personnel.We have a small group of ladies at the customer service center in Memphis, TN. We all get along well with each other and we rely on each other for moral support as well as work support. If one of us finds out a better way to do things, we share it with the group. If anyone has a question about a policy or procedure; they ask the group for help. We have a strong teamwork atmosphere.The hardest part of my job is when you ask for help from our corporate office but don't get it. I am not expecting a response in 5 mins or less because everyone has their own list of tasks to be completed and I understand that but I would expect an answer or some type of feedback before the day is over.The best part of my job is the relationship I have with the branches I service. The people that I have worked with have been great, not only are the supportive in a work relationsh

Prossplit work shift

Consshort lunch break


Branch Manager

| Oregon |

Nov 15, 2015

Typical profit minded publicly traded company

I accepted the branch manager position after being thoroughly fooled by the DM. He had said how I would need to manage inventory, employee issues, etc. All things I would have expexted. However, after a while of being there, the true role of the position came out. You will be in sales period. Each day your dm will ask you what you sold the day before. Their bonus is solely based on sales so it doesnt matter how much you have reduced dead stock inventory, only how much you have sold. Sell sell sell... You will be expected to fill in for your people not only when they're out sick or on vacation but also when they're sent to cover another store. You will be on the counter selling from opening to close and then spend countless more hours trying to do the management things . you will be there on weekends so dont expect any real time off. If you have the gall to ask to use any of the "vacation or sick time" (that they lure you in with), you'll be chastised and harassed by your DM for not being committed to the company and shareholders. And that's just a small part of how they treat their managers. Their customers are equally abused. Each year they will do a price increase across the board. It doesn't matter who the customer is, they'll get an 8% increase in cost. Their costs may only have risen 2% but if you're a customer, you'll see 8%. Their sales people and managers will be punished if they change that, even if it means losing the customer. Don't try to make sense of it.

ProsWages are higher than average

ConsDemands on performance are higher than average.


Accounts Receivable Clerk

| Lawrenceville, GA |

Jun 12, 2019

Airgas A/R Position Nightmare

This is a great place to work if you are not looking for promotions/advancement. Weekly pay, 401k, PTO, floating holidays, life/health/dental/vision insurance, and off on the weekends. The job work/life balance, and compensation/benefits are great. There is no training, and the A/R Mgr. just let you sit with other reps. to see what they are doing, and hope that you catch on. The management in the A/R Dept. where I worked is overbearing, unapproachable, unprofessional, rude, liars, ineffective, malicious gossipers, and they lower the office morale. When I was hired, I was told by the A/R Mgr. that with their bonus incentive structure that I would be making way more money than I was hired. After two months of working there I was told to never ever ask about how much my bonus is and to never ask about it. I was told that by the Director and the A/R Mgr. The bonus I did make was super low, and especially after taxes it's a joke. The office environment there is pathetic, especially if you are a male. The A/R Manager will use your job against you, and will write you up for any reason she seem fit and plus lie about it. It's way too much negativity, and gossip from management and employees. The HR Dept. is useless especially if you have issues with abusive, overbearing, lying manager like I had. The HR Manager is a complete idiot and she will put the blame on you no matter what. If you are a male and go to your manager and HR like I did they will retaliate against


Branch Manager

| Gisborne |

Jan 14, 2013


As mananger I ran the day to day operations of my branch. I did all the reports that were required by the company, drove routes everyday, increased sales and gained new customers. I wore many hats as a branch manager. I was warehouseman, manager, driver, salesman, and many other things.I learned that now matter how much you improved, increased profits, work hard, work holidays, lose vacation time, take no sick days, work while injured, be accident free, rarely gets raises, and be a part of the company for over 15 years, you can be fired anyway. I also learned not to sign a noncompete form, because Airgas will not allow you to work for their competition. Airgas will fight the fact you signed a noncompete contract even though you did not leave on your own.Mangement was terrible. They were more worried about how much their bonus was going to be for the year, rather than making sound business decisions. This goes all the way to the President of my division. They micromanaged every branch and worried about the little things too often. Most upper management should not be in the positions they hold. Branch managers for the most part were great. Most do not work very hard and are lazy. Come into work at 10 am and leave by 1 pm. These are the individuals who get promoted.I really appreciated the workers I managed. They work hard and do what was needed to get the job done. Unfortunately, Airgas terminates the best employees and promotes the worst (If they promote from within).Th

Prosa pay check

Conseverything else

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