Airport Shuttle SFO from $17 | Best SFO Airport Shuttle (2022)

San Francisco Airport Shuttle Companies

San Francisco International Airport is an international airport 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco, California. SFO is the largest airport in Northern California. It is also the second-busiest on the Western Coast of North America and the seventh busiest airport in the United States.

If you’re driving to SFO Airport, type the address below into any of your phone mapping apps or GPS devices to get directions:

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco, CA 94128, USA

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Airport parking can be expensive or hard to find. If you choose to drive to San Francisco (SFO) Airport, use one of these sites to compare parking facilities and even reserve a spot in advance: ParkingAccess or Instapark.

If you're looking for parking in a major city like San Francisco (including Monthly parking or how to fight parking tickets) or parking for any major Stadium Venue or local Beach - offers great tips and advice on how to save money and find the best parking spot. Check out the following links below.

Ground Transportation

When you arrive at the airport, there are many airport transportation options and airport transfers you can use to get to your next destination. They include shuttle vans, rideshare services, taxis, rental cars, buses, and trains. To help you book the best deal, we’ve outlined detailed information about every mode of transport available at San Francisco Airport.

San Francisco Airport Shuttle

If you want a safe and budget-friendly ride, an airport shuttle is your go-to choice. Share a ride, save some money, and enjoy your trip! Many shuttles operate at SFO Airport. If you’re interested in their contact information, rates, and locations, rest easy, we’ve got that covered. Check out all shuttle companies and their phone numbers:

SFO Airport ShuttlePhone Number
Airport Express(415) 775-5121
SuperShuttle(800) 258-3826
Marin Airporter(415) 461-4222
Davis Airporter(530) 756-6715
East Bay Connection(925) 609-1920
Evans Airport Service(707) 255-1559
San Francisco City Shuttle(415) 215-2500
Pacific Town Car(415) 378-4244
Sonoma County Airport Express(800) 327-2024

Airport Express is a shared-ride van suggested by the airport. It has been serving OAK and SFO Airports since 1979. This is the best airport transportation to downtown San Francisco or Fisherman's Wharf. A one-way fare is $17, while children that are younger than 11 pay $12. If you wish to be picked up at another location, don't hesitate to reach out to Airport Express at (415) 775-5121.

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Super Shuttle Express offers airport rides to and from San Francisco International Airport, and you can choose from three services. They offer a shared ride for budget-wise travelers, an express ride without stops, and a black car for luxury transport service. Arrange a shuttle van online or by calling (800) 258-3826 to get a shuttle to Downtown San Francisco, Stanford, Fisherman’s Wharf, or any other location or hotel.

Evans Airport Shuttle can provide you with a ride from SFO Airport to Napa, Santa Rosa, and Vallejo 7 days a week. Their pick-up point at SFO Airport is on Baggage Claim level at the green and white curb. The standard fare is $40 per person. Note that shared shuttles are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19, but you can arrange private transfers. Call (707) 255-1559 for any queries.

Sonoma County Airport Express offers scheduled airport service from San Francisco to Sonoma County from 6:30 AM until 11 PM. At SFO Airport, buses pick up passengers on the Lower Level in the center island—look for the pillars marked Airporters. The one-way fare to/from Sonoma County is $38 per person, while a transfer to Marin County is $30.

Pacific Town Car provides airport shuttle service, private car service, and luxury limo services. They have a wide range and variety of vehicles to offer. We’ve found sedan limousine prices in San Francisco Bay Area for you, so you can check out some of their rates below:

From SFO to San Francisco$55
From SFO to Oakland$95
From SFO to San Jose$125
From SFO to Albany$95
From SFO to Hillsborough$50
From SFO to Palo Alto$85
From SFO to Richmond$85
From SFO to San Mateo$50

Note: BayPorter Express used to offer door-to-door and charter services to and from San Francisco Airport and Easy Bay, but it stopped operating. This applies to American Airporter Shuttle, too—this transport provider is permanently closed.

Taking an Uber or Lyft is one of the most convenient ways to and from San Francisco International Airport. If you are new to these services, we may address most of your questions. See the list below to discover the fare estimates for transfers to the most popular destinations in the area.

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DowntownUnion SquarePalo Alto

How to find your Uber/Lyft ride?

App-based transportation drivers pick up passengers on all terminals, and SFO offers several meeting points. Learn all about the Uber San Francisco Airport Pick-Up process or look into Lyft at SFO to create a smart travel plan!

Taxi Service

Taxis are comfortable and fast transfers that save you from worrying about schedules and frequencies. If you search for quick point-to-point service from San Francisco International Airport, this is the option for you.

Taxi ranks at SFO are at the roadway center islands on the Arrivals Levels of all airport terminals. Fares depend on your destination, time of the day, and traffic. Here are the lowest taxi fare estimates:

DestinationEstimated Fare
Downtown San Francisco$43
San Mateo$33
Palo Alto$95

San Francisco Airport Bus to City

SFO Airport has a wide offer regarding bus services operated by SamTrans. You can get not only to downtown San Francisco but also to many other locations within San Mateo County.

Want to know which bus routes are available at San Francisco Airport? We’ve outlined all of them below:

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  • Route KX (to San Francisco and to Redwood City Transit Center)
  • Route 292 (to San Francisco and to Hillsdale Mall)
  • Route 397 (to San Francisco and to Palo Alto Transit Center)
  • Route 398 (to San Bruno BART and to Redwood City Transit Center)
  • Route 140 (To SFO Air Train and to Manor/Palmetto)

To find out the fares for this type of transportation (within San Francisco), check our list below:

One-wayDay PassMonthly
Adult (19-64)$2.25$4.50$65.60
Youth (18 and younger)$1.10$2.00$27.00
Eligible Discount (Seniors/Disabled)$1.10$2.00$27.00


Bay Area Rapid Transit is a light rail that connects SFO Airport with downtown and other destinations within the city and its surroundings. BART is a great option if you need an economic and efficient way to get around San Francisco Airport. It's fast and cheaper than any other ground transportation option at SFO Airport. BART Station can be found at the International Terminal at SFO Airport, in the G boarding area. The cost for a one-way ticket to South San Francisco from SFO Airport is $8.40 - 8.95.

Airport Air Train

Inter-Terminal Transportation at San Francisco Airport is done by the Air Train, which connects all terminals with the rental car facility and terminal garages. It has a couple of lines, the Red-line and the Blue-line. They help passengers move from all terminals and their garages and connect the airport terminals with the rental car facility and terminal garages.

Rental Car Service

If you search for a more independent transportation option and are willing to pay more, the best option for you is to rent a vehicle. At San Francisco Airport, the Rental Car Center is located far away from terminals. To go there, use the Air Train Blue Line. Check our list below for contact details of all agencies.

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Rental Car CompanyPhone Number
Alamo(650) 616-2400
Avis(650) 877-6780
Budget(650) 877-0998
Dollar650 244 4131
Enterprise(650) 697 9200
Fox(800) 225-4369
Hertz(650) 624-6600
National(650) 616 3000
Thrifty(650) 283 0898

Airport Shuttle SFO from $17 | Best SFO Airport Shuttle (1)

Use Shuttle Fare to make reservations safely and affordably! In addition to San Francisco Airport, our comprehensive guides cover other major airports in the area, such as:

  • Oakland Airport
  • San Jose Airport
  • Sacramento Airport


Does San Francisco airport have a shuttle? ›

Airporters. Airporters, privately operated scheduled bus services, operate between SFO and many Bay Area cities. Airporters depart from the center island transportation zones on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level of the International Terminal and Domestic Terminals 2 and 3.

Does Supershuttle run from SFO? ›

serving San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Oakland International Airport (OAK), Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport (SJC), AND San Francisco cruise terminals (Pier 27 and 35).

How much is a shuttle from San Francisco Airport to Union Square? ›

The pickup area has different sections. You will find the area your car will pick you up in your app. Due to the number of people selecting this option, you usually don't have to wait more than a few minutes before your ride arrives. It will cost anywhere from $35 to $50 to get from SFO to Union Square before a tip.

How much does Uber cost from SFO to downtown? ›

How much do Uber and Lyft cost at SFO? Normal pricing is ~$35 for Uber and ~$40 for Lyft.

Which San Francisco hotels have airport shuttle service? ›

Top San Francisco Hotels with Free Airport Shuttle
  • The Dylan at SFO. ...
  • The Millwood - A Boutique Hotel. ...
  • Courtyard by Marriott San Francisco Airport. ...
  • Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. ...
  • Super 8 by Wyndham San Bruno/ San Francisco (SFO) Airport. ...
  • DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport. ...
  • Hotel 1550.

How do I get from San Francisco airport to the city? ›

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

BART trains connect SFO with downtown San Francisco, downtown Oakland and many other Bay Area destinations. BART is the best way to avoid sitting in Bay Area traffic. Trains depart from the SFO International Terminal, and it's just 30 minutes to downtown San Francisco.

Can you uber from San Francisco airport? ›

Domestic Terminal Pick-ups

Lyft, Uber & Wingz Domestic pick-ups are located on Level 5 of the Domestic Garage. Domestic drop-offs are at the Domestic Terminal curbside.

Is SuperShuttle still in operation? ›

SuperShuttle was a wholly-owned subsidiary of parent company Transdev on Demand, Inc. before being acquired by Blackstreet Investment Holdings, LLC. In 2021, SuperShuttle rebuilt its operations under new ownership.

Why is SuperShuttle closing? ›

The California Public Utilities Commission said the service was out of compliance with state regulations. The issue was resolved Nov. 21. SuperShuttle is owned by an affiliate of Blackstreet Capital Holdings, a private investment firm in Bethesda, Md., court documents show.

Can you uber from San Francisco airport? ›

Domestic Terminal Pick-ups

Lyft, Uber & Wingz Domestic pick-ups are located on Level 5 of the Domestic Garage. Domestic drop-offs are at the Domestic Terminal curbside.

How do I get from domestic to international terminal at SFO? ›

From the International Terminal Main Hall, access the AirTrain stations near the A and G Gates. You can reach the stations by taking the elevator or escalator to Level 4. From the Domestic Parking Garage, Zones D and F, take the elevator or stairs to Level 5.

Where do you catch BART at SFO? ›

BART SFO Train Schedule

The BART station is located at International Terminal – G. Trains depart 3-4 times an hour for San Francisco and other BART destinations. The trip to four downtown San Francisco stations takes 25-30 minutes.

How do I get from SFO to San Jose? ›

There are three transportation options to get from SFO airport to San Jose; you can take a taxi or private transfer, the Monterey Airbus or you can take the Caltrain from downtown San Francisco Station.


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