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About Al Khail Gate

Al Khail Gate is a vibrant residential community in Al Quoz with a complex of apartment buildings. Developed by Dubai Properties Group, the project is divided into two phases. Phase 1 has a total of 49 buildings and houses around 3,835 flats while Phase 2 features 33 buildings with a collection of 5,664 units. These apartments are available in studios to 3-bedroom configurations and enjoy facilities like built-in wardrobes, en-suite bathrooms and spacious layouts.

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Al Qouz, being a self-contained community, offers residents with a vibrant lifestyle with several amenities. There are jogging tracks, indoor and outdoor gyms and swimming pools along with basketball, volleyball and football courts. The two retail centres in the community are West Zone Mall and Al Khail Gate Community Centre, both housing supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and several retail shops. An easy access to the Al Khail Road and nearby bus stations make it an ideal choice for working people.


  • Type of building: Residential
  • Location: Al Qouz
  • Developer: Dubai Properties Group
  • Unit type: Studio, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed
  • Amenities: Gymnasium, swimming pool, volleyball, basketball, kids’ play area and more



Facilities in Al Khail Gate


Covered parking is available for residents in Al Khail Gate. On an average, each unit receives one parking space for tenants.


All the buildings in Al Khail Gate, Al Quoz feature high-speed elevators, providing convenience to residents.

Security, Central Air-Conditioning and Maintenance Services

Al Khail has onsite maintenance, property management and security system, all within the community. The building receives its district cooling supply from Empower.

Gym and Fitness Facilities

The fitness facilities include indoor and outdoor gyms, jogging tracks and swimming pools. There are sports facilities like basketball, football and volleyball courts.

Lifestyle Amenities

The residence has multiple playgrounds and landscaped areas. There are two retail centres in the community with many shops, supermarkets and dining facilities. The Al Khail Community Centre covers an area of 31,000 sq. ft whereas the West Zone Mall, Al Khail spreads over an area of 65,000 sq. ft.

Concierge and Guest Services

Residents can contact the reception staff of their respective buildings 24/7 for assistance.


Al Khail Gate is a pet-friendly community.

Apartment Types in Al Khail Gate

The phase 1 of Al Khail Gate consists of 49 buildings with 3,835 apartments while the phase 2 houses 33 buildings with 5,664 apartments. One can find a collection of studio to 3-bedroom apartments in Al Khail Gate, Dubai.

Studio Apartments in Al Khail Gate

The average area of studio apartments ranges between 180 sq. ft. and 553 sq. ft. Each studio unit consists of a spacious sleeping area that contains a bathroom, a built-in cupboard and a kitchen. Some of the studio units contain en-suite bathrooms and balconies.

1-Bedroom Apartments in Al Khail Gate

1-bedroom apartments in Al Khail Gate have built up areas ranging from 553 sq. ft. to 960 sq. ft. The bedroom in each of these units features a fitted wardrobe and a bathroom. The kitchen is open or closed-type depending on the configuration. Also, there is a balcony with beautiful community views.

2-Bedroom Apartments in Al Khail Gate

2-bedroom units span over an area ranging from 677 sq. ft. to 1,042 sq. ft. These 2-bedroom apartments feature two bedrooms with two bathrooms. Both the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and the large hallways lead to open or closed-type kitchen and a balcony.

3-Bedroom Apartments in Al Khail Gate

The built-up area of 3-bedroom flats lies between 1,785 sq. ft. and 2,010 sq. ft. These units are well-lit with upto three windows in the large and spacious hallways. There is usually a window in each bedroom along with a fitted wardrobe. There may be up to four bathrooms in these 3-bedroom units.

Rental Trends in Al Khail Gate

Apartments for rent in Al Khail Gate comes with the following price trends:

  • 1-bedroom rental apartments in Al Khail Gate have annual rental prices around AED 45k
  • A 2-bedroom unit for rent in Al Khail Gate demands an annual rent from 43k to 65k
  • To rent a 3-bedroom apartment in Al Khail Gate, one may expect to pay an annual rent of AED 72k

Apart from rental apartments, investors can also find apartments for sale in Al Khail Gate. For more similar flats in the area, one can browse apartments for rent in Al Quoz.



Transportation near Al Khail Gate

With easy access to Al Khail Road and public transportation, getting around is extremely easy from Al Khail Gate community.

Bus Stations near Al Khail Gate

People living in Al Khail Gate complex can find Dubai buses within the community. These are available at gate 1, gate 2 and gate 3.

Metro Stations near Al Khail Gate

Al Safa Metro Station at 13 minutes distance and Business Bay Metro Station and Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall Metro Station at 14 minutes distance are the nearest Dubai metro stations in the area.

Restaurants near Al Khail Gate

Residents may not necessarily have to step out of the complex as there are many restaurants in Al Khail Gate, including:

  • Cheesy Bites
  • KFC
  • Chennai Curry Palace
  • ChicKing
  • Madras Kitchen Restaurant

Most of the dining options in the complex are centered in Al Khail Community Centre. These include KFC, Chennai Curry Palace, ChicKing and Madras Kitchen Restaurant. For those looking for authentic Indian and South Indian foods, they can head to Chennai Curry Palace or Madras Kitchen Restaurant. ChicKing and KFC are both fast food restaurants that are quite popular among foodies in the area.

Other dining options in the community include Cheesy Bites and Mister Inasal Restaurant. Cheesy Bites is a quickbite station that serves Pizza, Asian and grilled food whereas Mister Inasal has Filipino food varieties.Qasr Al Khail Kitchen at 11 minutes distance serves south Asian foods.

For coffee and beverage treats, people can visit the following cafes:

  • Al Khail Express Cafeteria
  • Limscafe
  • Bubee Drinks Cafe

Al Khail Express Cafeteria is a kiosk in the residence and serves Arabian and fast food items. Limscafe has juice varieties along with fast foods, Chinese and grilled items. It is situated just opposite Al Khail Gate Community Centre. For beverages and drinks, Bubee Drinks Cafe is a good option.

Supermarkets near Al Khail Gate

Al Khail Gate is a district that houses many supermarkets, including:

  • West Zone Supermarket
  • Azhar Al Madina Supermarket
  • Bluemart Hypermarket

West Zone Supermarket is one of the famous supermarket chains in Dubai known for its fresh organic food. Its Al Khail branch is located on the ground floor of Al Khail Community Centre, the shopping centre in the community. Both Bluemart and Al Madina supermarkets are in Al Khail Phase 2.These are 4 minutes drive and 11 minutes drive away, respectively. Some other retail grocery stores in the area include Azhar Al Madina Supermarket behind Al Khail Gate at a 7 minutes driving distance, Jubily Supermarket and Total Supermarket at a 5-minute drive. All of these retail spots offer an array of household items and fresh groceries.

Schools and Nurseries near Al Khail Gate

Schools and Nurseries near Al Khail Gate:

  • GEMS Wellington Academy
  • GEMS International School
  • GEMS New Millennium School
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School
  • Oaktree Primary School

GEMS Wellington Academy at a distance of 12 minutes drive is one of the most popular and nearest educational institutes in the area. There are other branches of GEMS schooling including GEMS International School and GEMS New Millennium School. Both of these schools are 13 minutes drive away. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is another option for parents looking for quality education for their children studying in primary section. Oaktree Primary School is also located close at a distance of 13 minutes.


Al Khail Gate is a residential district with several apartment buildings. These provide an ideal option for people looking for Al Quoz apartments for sale or rent.

Other than Al Khail Gate, Al Quoz houses many other residential and commercial projects which provides an easy balance of work and life for its residents. Some of the office buildings in the area are:

  • Golden and Diamond Park Building 2 – commercial building
  • Al Sayyah Building – commercial building
  • Al Joud Centre – commercial building

Al Joud Centre is in the Al Quoz Industrial area 1. It is 6-minute drive away and features shell and core as well as fitted offices. Al Sayyah is another commercial building that is located at an 8-minute drive. This low-rise building is just 3-storey tall and has 17 offices with a few retail shops on the ground floor. Golden and Diamond Park Building 2 is a 9-minute drive from Al Khail Gate. People who work in these commercial buildings can buy apartments in Al Khail Gate for an easy commute from their offices.

Major Landmarks

The landmarks near Al Khail Gate, Al Quoz are:

  • Alserkal Avenue
  • Cinema Akil
  • Al Quoz Pond Park
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Al Khail Mall

For people who love enjoying quality time with their families, they can visit Al Quoz Pond Park available at an 8-minute driving distance. It has running tracks, sports facility and playground for children. For art lovers, Alserkal Avenue is a haven, accessible within a 9-minute drive. This is an art space with lots of interesting things for people who enjoy creative and artistic works. There’s an art cinema inside known as Cinema Akil. The place displays beautiful art films and projects. For shopaholics, Mall of the Emirates is just 15-minute drive away.

Al Khail Gate Building Guide | Bayut (2)


Al Khail Gate is a large community with landscaped gardens, private gyms, supermarkets, eateries and a shopping centre. It is a family-friendly building complex with a collection of studio to 3-bedroom apartments. Also, the availability of commercial buildings nearby with easy access to bus stations gives the convenience of finding workplaces close to home. The only downside in this district is the insufficient parking which may pose a problem to people with more than one car.

Are you looking to buy or rent apartments in Al Khail Gate Dubai?

Al Khail Gate Apartments For RentAl Khail Gate Apartments For Sale


What type of apartments are there in Al Khail Gate?

There are options of studios, 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartment layouts. Renters can choose what suits their need for space the best.

What are some of the facilities that residents of Al Khail Gate apartments can access in the community?

There are many amenities for residents in Al Khail Gate. The list includes kids’ play area, volleyball and tennis courts, swimming pools, gym and more.

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