Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (2023)

Behr’s Most Popular White Paint Colors

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (1)

You all should know by now that I love me some Behr paint. I’ve used Behr paint throughout my whole house. I’ve even painted my doors with Behr Paint

I’ve even had professional painters request that I buy Behr paint for them to paint our house.

I color match all of those popular paint colors from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore at Behr.

I painted my oldest daughter’s room a few years ago. I knew I wanted to use Cloud Cover my Benjamin Moore. So off I went to Home Depot. I didn’t even bring a paint swatch with me. If you are wanting a popular color from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, you can likely walk into Home Depot empty handed. They have all of the formulas saved in their computer.

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (2)

You might have people tell you that the paint colors being color matched at Behr aren’t exactly similar to the real deal. I haven’t had that problem.

(And for the record, Behr has no idea who the heck I am. This is not a sponsored post. This is me just being honest)

I am not knocking Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore either. I have used both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore before and they are also great paints. But if you want to save some moolah, just go get yourself some Behr, K?

Unless you want to paint your cabinets. That is when I will highly recommend Benjamin Moore’s Advanced line to paint your cabinets. I talked about it a little in this post.

Most recently, I’ve been looking for a good white to paint my youngest daughter’s room and this is how this post was born.

Disclaimer… after much stressing out about a white paint color.for my youngest daughter’s room, I decided it was best to do my tried and true method of getting the perfect paint color. I technically did not pick a white paint color from Behr.

I had them color match my paint to match wallpaper I was using in her room too

I was adding one wall of wallpaper in her room and I knew I wanted the other three walls to match the white that is in the wallpaper. I had them color match my paint to match the white in my wallpaper.

If you didn’t know this trick, it’s one of my favorite short cuts..

So instead of me standing inside of Home Depot with wallpaper in one hand and a bunch of paint swatches in the other trying to find a perfect match, I just handed the nice man behind he counter my wallpaper and 10 minutes later I had a can of paint that was a perfect match.


Easy peasy

Whites can be a tricky, tricky thing. You don’t want to pick a “first apartment” white. You know what I am talking about? One of those whites with no personality that you usually see in a college rental.

And you also do NOT want to paint a room that gets next to no natural light a stark white. That room will look as dull as dull can be

All whites will also pick up color from their surroundings. Have trees outside? Your dining room might look like it has some green in it. Always keep your surroundings in mind when picking a white paint color.

(Video) Best Behr White Paint Colors

And I know what you might be thinking or saying to yourself….white is boring. Homes need more color. The all white look is going out.

I don’t buy it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dark moody room or a home with color. But you can add color into your home in so many ways. Pillows, rugs, decor, art pieces etc. Having white walls is a good base.

Trust me. I am not a designer nor have any training on the matter, but still…trust me

So let’s talk about some of Behr’s most popular white paint colors (just in case you don’t have wallpaper just laying around like I did).

Any of these colors would look great on walls, trim and cabinets.

(This post contains affiliate links, you can see my full disclosure here)

Behr White Paint Colors

Behr Frost

Now, if I had to pick a paint color that closely matched the paint color I painted my daughter’s room, it would be Frost. I was a tad bit worried about this color in my daughter’s room. It’s very white, if that makes sense.

Not a stark white but close enough to make me worry that it might look a tad bit dull in her room. She does have a big window in her room so I was banking on the natural light coming in to help, and it did.

You can almost consider this a soft white. It’s not too cool and not too warm. It’s a good middle of the road white.

Here it (sort of is) in my daughter’s room

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (3)

Behr Shoelace

Behr Shoelace is a warm white with a light beige (almost greige) undertone.

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (4)

Image Via Woods and Ivory

Behr Swiss Coffee

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (5)

Swiss coffee is one of Behr’s most popular white paint colors. It’s a soft warm creamy white and is very similar to Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. Swiss Coffee would look great on walls, cabinetry and trim. You can see from the picture above how much creamier it looks compared to Frost.

Here it is in all of it’s glory.

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (6)

Image Via I Spy DIY

(I actually did a whole blog post on Swiss Coffee just for your reading pleasure.)

Behr Palais White

Palais White is less creamy than Swiss Coffee but is still a warm white with creamy undertones. I would compare Palais White to White Dove by Benjamin Moore


Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (7)

Image via The Blushing Bungalow

Behr Silky White

Silky White is a true white but not a stark white. This is also a great white for cabinets, walls, and trim….all at once in the same room…just change up the sheen for each. Silky White also looks great against Behr’s Ultra White as the trim color (more on this color soon).

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (8)

Image Via List In Progress

Behr Polar Bear

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (9)>

Another fan favorite white paint color is Polar Bear. This is less of a creamy white and more of a milky white. It’s very crisp and clean white. If you need any decor inspo just check out this home. Her whole home is painted Polar Bear by Behr and it’s gorgeous.

Remember how I said that white is NOT boring and you can add color and spice to your home WITH white walls?

Well here you go…

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (10)

Image Via Miranda Schroeder

Behr Ultra White

Ultra White is just that…ultra white. It is as white as white can get with little to no undertones. This is a perfect color for trim as well.

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (11)

Image via Project Allen Designs

Behr Silver Drop

I can’t end this post without giving a shout out to my all time favorite Behr paint color. It’s technically not a “white” paint color. Silver Drop can lean more towards a very light gray paint color but can look more white in rooms with lots of natural light. I did a whole post about Silver Drop here. Most rooms in my home is painted Silver Drop by Behr. That’s how much I love her.

Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (12)

DIY Painting Supplies

I listed out some of my favorite items I use when painting…

(This post contains affiliate links.You can see my disclosure policy here)

Benjamin Moore Classic Colors Fan Deck: Just in case you want to be even more overwhelmed you can order all of the Benjamin Moore classic paint colors

Same goes for Sherwin Williams Paint Deck

Paint brushes: I love all of Wooster’s paint brushes but this one is hands down my favorite one to use. It makes cutting in so much easier.


Paint Roller Cover

Painter’s tape: I hate taping and I really try to avoid it but when I can’t I make sure I use a good tape

Drop Cloths: Yes, you need them and you need many. I have used trash bags and old shower liners before too.

Cleaning Cloths: These are amazing every day cloths for cleaning but work great for baseboards and walls before painting.

Paint Cup: This paint cup is brilliant and has a magnetic strip so your paint brush stays safe from falling in your paint.

Multi Position Paint Brush tool: The best tool you will ever use if you have tall ceilings or just in general. I used something similar to this to paint my 15 foot ceilings in my family room and it was a life saver.

Paint Edger: This might get a bad rap but if you do it right, it has been a nice helper for me. Especially when trimming around windows and along baseboards.

Touch up cup: Nothing is worse than having to pull out the whole can of paint for a little touch up.

Step Ladder

How to choose the right paint color

Start with inspiration:

I talked a little bit about this in this post but I’ll touch on it again. Picking your paint color for your walls should be one of the later things you do when designing a room. Find a large focal piece (rug, art, window treatments) and look for colors in those pieces that catch your attention. Get on Pinterest and look at magazines. Get some ideas of what you like. It is your house.

Decide on the mood of the room:

Do you want your room to be light and bright or dark and moody? If you home doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light, stark white walls might look dingy. I would consider a paint with some color to it.

Grab your swatches and bring home samples

Bring home some swatches and ideally some sample paints if you feel extra ambitious. Use large foam boards from the dollar store and paint sample boards. Test them in every room. Remember each room gets different natural light. See how they look in the morning and at night.

I just recently heard of SAMPLIZE and I think it is genius. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that are more affordable and easier than traditional paint pots. Samples arrive ON YOUR DOORSTEP in 1-3 business days, depending on location and costs under $6 for a sample.

You can also order large free swatches from Benjamin Moore here

Consider everything in your home…your trim, your floors etc. My floors are Brazilian cherry (aka very red) and I knew I wanted a color just a tad cooler to play off the warm red tones of the floor.

Is your trim bright white, or creamy white? Very cool gray colors might not play well with very warm white trim.

Get what I am saying?

If you want to see the undertone of color, look at the darkest color on the paint color strip. If you love a paint color but fear it can be too dark, ask them to cut it with 25% or 50% white.

Keep a list of your home paint colors

It’s always a good idea to keep a list or spreadsheet of the paint colors you have used in your home. I can’t tell you know much it has helped me.

Good luck and happy painting!

Behr’s Most Popular White Paint Colors

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Behr's Most Popular White Paint Colors (13)

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