Can You Take a Curling Iron on a Plane? Cordless Butane (2023)

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Being a jet-setting traveler means that you live out of a suitcase.

Your love for being out and about may have affected many different things in your lifestyle in terms of luxury and beauty. Not to say you would be a less hygienic person than someone who does not travel. Still, the additional items that wouldn’t necessarily be necessities would not be a priority for someone like yourself.

For travelers, convenience is of utmost importance. Spending time getting your hair done in the evenings or the mornings are hours against your time exploring. If you consider getting your hair done an essential part of your look, you could be caught in a bit of a dilemma. How do you address such a concern?

Thankfully, portable, handheld devices such as curling irons have provided a way to solve this pressing problem. This is where curling irons come in handy and offers many solutions for different people’s unique needs.

Why Fly with a Curling Iron?

When you’re on vacation, and unless you have the time and money to visit a salon every day, a curling iron is the most practical way to manage your hair needs.

Curling irons are a great choice versus other curling options available in the market today. Plastic hair curlers are old-fashioned and can potentially damage hair due to constant friction and bending.

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Hot rollers are useful tools, but the heating chamber for the rollers can be tough to pack and find the proper electricity socket and correct voltage.

Gimmicky non-heat curlers made of cloth and other materials may have good initial results, but they don’t have good staying power even if you use hair products like gel, pomade, or hairspray. These tools have setbacks that are quickly addressed by wand-style curling irons.

Curling irons come in many configurations, sizes, and purposes. Generally put, they can do many things for your hairstyles, especially if you want to be creative with your style and hairdos.

Note that hair is sensitive to heat. Exposing your hair to too much heat or improperly distributed heat with terrible materials is dreadful for your hair health. That’s why it’s important to research the kind of curling iron that is best for you and bring around for your travels.

Can You Take a Curling Iron on a Plane? Cordless Butane (1)

TSA Guidelines on Curling Irons (regular and butane)

The TSA (US Transportation Security Administration) often have rules on the transit of appliances and other electronic devices in our carry-on or checked baggage. Besides our phones, tablets, laptops, and personal devices, you need to double-check other appliances. You don’t want a hard time dealing with the TSA officers when the time comes to go through security screening before and after the flight.

The TSA Guidelines have considered the packing of a curling iron in luggage. After all, it’s a relatively common appliance that many regular travelers and even professional traveling hairstylists need.

Can You Take a Curling Iron on the Plane?

Curious about where your curling iron stands in the current rules and regulations?

Here are some of the official guidelines posted on the TSA website.

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Is a curling iron allowed in checked luggage?

YES, you are allowed to pack your regular curling iron in your checked luggage, whether the typical model or cordless models.

For butane curling irons, you areNOT allowed to have it in your checked luggage.

Is a curling iron allowed in carry-on luggage?

YES, you are allowed to pack your curling iron in your carry-on luggage, whether the typical model or cordless models.

For butane curling irons, you areallowed to have it in your carry-on luggage withspecial instructions.

Note that the final decision will be up to the TSA officers at the airport, whether or not they will allow you to bring your curling irons through the checkpoint.

What you can bring flying from Canada.

Types of Heated Hair Appliances

Below are some descriptions of some of the choices that you have.

Curling Iron

As our primary tool in this topic, the curling irons are a popular way to change your hairstyle in an easy way.

Curling irons are an excellent method to have your own private hair salon during your personal time. They are effective tools that, with time and practice, can rival some of what you get when you leave a hair salon. You can create curls, waves, crimps, volume, and other styles just with a simple curling iron or a specialized one with specific attachments.

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They can come in various materials; some popular materials are ceramic, metal, Teflon, titanium, and tourmaline. They are usually made of materials that are not only suitable but also safer for hair.

They also come in a wide variety of sizes, depending on the types of curls you want. Half-an-inch to 2-inch barrels is popular options that can either make very tight, wiry curls to large, loose ringlets.

The attachments and mechanisms in curling irons are also another critical factor. They can have clips that help you hold the hair in place. Some have handles that allow you to add pressure to the hair to keep in place unique styles. Some also feature auto-twirling functionalities.

Aside from being compact in their styles, more often than not, they already come with their own travel pouches or kits when purchased — making them that much easier to pack and fit in yourcarry-on luggage. Some sets even come with several accessories that help your styling on the go, including curling iron stands and the like.

Aside from the typically wired curling irons, some other options could be better for you. It really depends on what you want to achieve with your hair.

Cordless Curling Iron

A cordless curling iron is a unique kind of curling iron that does not require to be plugged in. Usually, they have an automatic curling function that makes it even easier to get your hair done.

It’s fun to see the kinds of cordless curling irons they have in the market. Some come in battery-powered, wand-style curlers. There are new types that feature auto-twirling options that curl your hair for you without twisting your wrists around. New innovations are coming out every year. You have to be on the lookout for the latest and greatest trends in curling appliances.

Battery-powered curling irons tend to not achieve the level of heat that corded irons have. This leads to less effective devices as curls will have less hold on their shape. However, as portable beauty technology continues to improve, we may be seeing cordless versions at par with the power of traditional curling irons.

Butane Curling Iron

A butane curling iron is a cordless curling iron that runs on butane, the same flammable gas used in some portable stoves. Usually, their handles are enormous, and you can fuel them by using butane cans in the gas cartridge. It is convenient, especially for professional hairstylists working in remote places where electrical sockets may be scarce.

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Since battery-powered cordless curling irons may run out of battery before needing a full charge once again, they are less reliable than butane-powered irons. It’s easy torefuela curling iron that uses butane.

You can imagine that a hairstylist who needs to complete many client hairdos will appreciate a butane hair curler’s convenience and longevity.

Because butane is flammable, this is a hazardous item if you do not know how to handle it properly.You are also not allowed to have it in your checked luggage, for that matter. If you do not know how to handle this kind of appliance, you might be better off opting for safer options.

Hair Straightener

Hair straightening irons are generally the same caliber as curling irons, but instead of a barrel to wind your hair in, two flat plates heat up to straighten your hair. They create pin-straight styles effortlessly and fast.

It works by breaking down the positive hydrogen bonds located in the hair’s cortex. This causes the hair to be open and malleable to straightening methods, creating effective straightened styles that can last for a reasonable amount of time.

Hair straighteners, despite featuring flat plates, can be used to curl hair as well. There is a simple technique that allows you to twist your hair around a flat hair iron. It might take some practice to get the method right. If you opt for the hair straightener, you have two great tools in one device. This is definitely the choice that will give you more bang for your buck.


We hope you acquired the information you needed and the confidence to bring the proper curling irons for your future flights. As a recap, you can bring a curling iron on a plane. But you’ll need to double-check the type and if it can be put in checked luggage or has to be carry-on.

As a general rule of thumb globally, wired curling and straightening irons can be checked in or placed in your carry-on during your flight.

Look great and feel beautiful in your travel photos and outings using your packed beauty materials.



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