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Compare Learning Management Systems

LMS comparison allows making the right choice when searching for a suitable Learning Management System. Years of involvement in the eLearning field have enabled us to select several criteria for learning management system comparison which are usually key points to consider when choosing LMS for your business.

Key LMS Comparison Criteria and Their Description

If you are new to the LMS world, check the table below! In this table we compare LMS by dividing Learning Management Systems into general categories according to the relevant criteria. For each category we provide a brief general description and point out key benefits of LMSs belonging to the category.

Please keep in mind that the division is not strict – many LMSs can fall into several categories within one criterion, or even have their unique nature which is hard to categorize. However, our LMS comparison is designed to help you get a comprehensive picture of what kind of LMS you need depending on your requirements and specifications.

Learning Management Systems Comparison Chart

Fee type

Free LMS

Free LMS is an LMS which is distributed free of charge. It's good for technicians or companies with internal tech staff who can take care of implementation and administration of the software. Some of free software distributors don't provide support for their products, some provide paid support and services, other have free support (usually via forum). Most of the free products have open source code, which gives you a freedom to customize the system yourself in any way you need.

Commercial LMS

Commercial LMS software is distributed on paid basis. As a rule, the price for the eLearning software includes technical support which makes the software easy to implement and use for non-technicians and non-tech companies. Vendors do not normally provide source code for commercial software, but sometimes provide customization services.

Source code availability

Open source LMS

In open source Learning Management Systems all the files which make up the system are free for modifying, which allows customizing the system in the necessary way. Moreover, the usage of the LMS (number of users, courses, usage period) is not limited.

Proprietary LMS

For proprietary Learning Management Systems vendors do not provide the source code. Along with commercial purposes, encrypting the source code serves as a security guarantee, as it prevents using the software for malicious code distribution (viruses, trojans etc.). Some LMS vendors offer customization services, and can provide compatibility with future releases on request.

Licensing models

Per number of registered users

Limitation by the general number of users who use the LMS (the license can limit either students or staff or both).

Per number of connected users

Limitation by the number of users who are simultaneously connected to the LMS.

(Video) Top 5 Most Popular and Best Learning Management System (LMS) Software

Per license validity period

Time limitation of LMS license validity. As a rule, license subscriptions are annual or monthly.

Installation type

Hosted (Software as a Service)

Hosted solution means that the LMS is hosted on the vendor's servers and installed on the vendor's site. Customers can purchase access to separate LMS parts, manage their own content and students. It's a good quick solution if you don't have a website, or wish to avoid spending time and resources on administering the system.


Own installation means you get the LMS application which you can install on your site or local network. It allows having a completely individual solution tuned to meet your specific needs. Plus it provides you with full control over your LMS and all the related processes.

Business orientation


Learning Management Systems designed for commercial use include an option allowing users to sell subscriptions (student/teacher access to courses/LMS etc.), i.e. to provide eLearning courses on the paid basis.

Educational institutions

Some Learning Management Systems don't allow selling LMS subscriptions as they focus on educational features. These LMSs are designed for educational purposes only.

Corporate training

Corporate Learning Management Systems are focused on (evaluating) employee skills and competencies as well as providing tools for competency training.

Government structures

This orientation includes possibilities of educational and corporate Learning Management Systems, with a greater focus on security and some other features depending on the certain government structure.

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eLearning standards compliance

Int. Standard (SCORM, AICC, IMS)

If the LMS is SCORM/AICC/IMS/ other standards compliant, you can use the standard packages (SCORM/AICC/other) inside the LMS instead of (or together with) creating native LMS course content. It can be very useful if you don't want to tie yourself to using one particular LMS. Additionally, authoring software enables users to create customized look and feel for course content. Besides, courseware vendors often provide their course content in some of the widely used standards, so you can purchase ready-made courses instead of creating your own.

Local standards

Some Learning Management Systems comply with local standards of a specific region (e.g. NCVER – Australian standard for training statistics) or specific field of learning.

No standards

Some Learning Management Systems are not compliant with any content standards, and native content created in such LMSs is not reusable for others. This feature can be useful if the unique nature of your course content is important in your business.

Content creation possibilities

Separate tools for courses creation

Some LMSs don't have integrated tools for course content creation, but vendors provide such tools as separate products compliant with their LMS.

Possibility to use reusable content only

Some LMSs do not provide possibilities for creating native course content, you can only use standard packages (SCORM/AICC/IMS/other) in such LMSs.

Programming Language

Though not evident, programming language the LMS is written in is one of the important criteria which you should pay your attention to when selecting the suitable LMS. You will probably need a specific language depending on many factors, e.g. what language your server can handle, what language your team is most proficient in, or (if you outsource technical work) what language is more popular and what language programming costs less.


Stand-alone solution

This solution allows installing the LMS as a stand-alone application. You can integrate it with your business platform as a custom project.

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Integrated solution

Some LMSs require certain platforms to be installed on. This LMS-platform integration gives you a possibility to use your platform capabilities together with the LMS functionality to enhance your eLearning process.

Integration possibilities

Open source

Applications with open source code provide the widest range of integration possibilities, as you can edit any part of the LMS to integrate smoothly with any other application.

Documented API (SDK)

API (application programming interface) provides a possibility to use functions of one application by another application. API allows integrating applications with encrypted source code and facilitates integration process for open source applications.

Integration via bridges

Bridges are special plugins which allow integrating applications of different types. Bridges are especially useful if you want to integrate applications with encrypted source code or applications with no API.

JoomLMS in the Context of LMS Comparison

As we represent an LMS vendor, we would like to show you where our JoomLMS goes according to the above mentioned criteria:

Fee type

Commercial (starting from 299 USD/year).Comments: you can see our pricing list here

Licensing models

Per number of enrolled users and per license validity period (per year).Comments: with an option for unlimited number of users and perpetual license.

Standards compliance

SCORM and AICC compliant.

(Video) LMS Comparison

Content creation

Integrated tools for native courses creation. An embedded course builder

Installation type

Own.Comments: JoomLMS is installed on Joomla! CMS-based web-site (you can find more information about this in our FAQ). JoomLMS also provides web-hosting and Joomla! CMS installation on request.

Business orientation

Can be used in all sectors, however, it's more eCommerce and Educational Institutions oriented.

Programming Language



Joomla! CMS. JoomLMS is designed as a Joomla! Component.

Top 2 advantages of this platform:

  1. Joomla Cms is the world's best Freeware CMSs
  2. Joomla CMS has over 8000 components and modules used to extend its functionality:

Integration possibilities

Professional edition allows an integration with other systems using open source code.JoomLMS can be customized by the core JoomLMS team on request.


What is the most popular learning management system? ›

  • The Best Learning Management Systems of 2022.
  • TalentLMS.
  • Absorb.
  • iSpring.
  • Docebo.
  • D2L Brightspace LMS.
  • Blackboard Learn LMS.

What is the best learning management system for schools? ›

Top LMS for Schools
  • Mindflash: The LMS for Introducing Initial Courses, Blended and Worldwide Training, and More. ...
  • Google Classroom: The LMS for Course Creation. ...
  • Edmodo: The LMS for Collaboration. ...
  • Quizlet: The LMS for Language Learning. ...
  • Schoology: The LMS for K-12 and Third-Party Integrations. ...
  • NEO LMS: The Award-Winning LMS.
26 Sept 2022

What is the difference between an LMS and an LCMS? ›

The key difference between an LMS and an LCMS is the target user. The LMS user is the learner, while the LCMS user is the learning content creator. Many LCMS also have the ability to store and deliver older versions of courses. Companies that want customized courses delivered to their employees generally use an LCMS.

What are the different LMS platforms? ›

The 4 Types of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to Consider
  • SaaS LMS (Cloud-based) If you want to get your LMS up and running without using many design or development resources, a SaaS LMS or cloud-based LMS is going to be your pick. ...
  • Installed LMS (On-premise) ...
  • Open-source LMS. ...
  • Custom-built LMS.

Which LMS is easiest? ›

  • TalentLMS. Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to like, TalentLMS is designed to get a “yes” from everyone, including C-level execs, budget heads, and busy employees. ...
  • LearnUpon LMS. ...
  • 360Learning. ...
  • Absorb LMS. ...
  • Cornerstone Learning. ...
  • The Brainier LMS. ...
  • Schoox. ...
  • iSpring Learn.

What are 2 examples of LMS? ›

Some popular LMSes used by educational institutions include Moodle, Blackboard Learn and Schoology. Popular enterprise-level LMSes include Adobe Captivate Prime, Docebo LMS, TalentLMS, iSpring Learn and eFront.

How do I choose the best LMS? ›

How to Choose an LMS: A 5-Step Guide
  1. Identify Your Needs. With so many (600+) learning platforms to select from, you need to start with a well-defined search criteria. ...
  2. Define Your LMS Requirements. ...
  3. Explore the Market. ...
  4. Evaluate Vendors. ...
  5. Choose an LMS. ...
  6. Final Thoughts.
2 Jun 2022

Is Google Classroom a CMS or LMS? ›

The simple answer: Google Classroom is an LMS, or learning management system.

Is Google Classroom a LMS? ›

Is Google Classroom an LMS? Technically, no. Google Classroom is not a stand-alone learning management system (LMS), course management system (CMS), or student information system (SIS). That said, Google regularly adds new functions to Google Classroom.

Which one is better GCMS or LC-MS? ›

Liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS-MS) offers specific advantages over gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) such as the ability to identify and measure a broader range of compounds with minimal sample preparation.

Is canvas a LMS or LC-MS? ›

Description: Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is a technology that allows trainers and educators to create self-study and instructor-led online courses.

Which is better HPLC or LC-MS? ›

HPLC: Compared to LCMS, the HPLC analysis is less efficient and slower. LCMS: Compared to HPLC, the LCMS analysis is efficient and faster.

How many types of LMS are there? ›

10 Types of LMS | EdApp Microlearning.

Is Microsoft teams an LMS? ›

Microsoft Teams classes is an LTI app that helps educators and students easily navigate between their LMS and Teams. Users can access their class teams associated with their course directly from within their LMS.

Is Microsoft 365 an LMS? ›

LMS365 is the Microsoft recommended and certified - Learning Management System developed for Microsoft 365 & Teams.

Which LMS does Harvard use? ›

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) at Harvard Medical School leveraged as a tool by faculty and instructors to build and distribute course content in an online environment, as well as other robust features such as quizzing, discussion boards, assignments, collaboration, file sharing, and other course ...

Which is the No 1 learning app? ›

Khan Academy is the best education app because it's free, easy to use, and works well for every age group. It provides informational videos and online exercises to help kids excel in a variety of subjects, including math, science, and language arts.

How do I choose an LMS for an organization? ›

Choose The Best LMS For Your Organization With These 10 Tips
  1. Think About The Problems You Are Trying To Solve. ...
  2. Ask Everyone Involved What They Want. ...
  3. Pick What Your Essential Features Are. ...
  4. Read Reviews Online. ...
  5. Take A Free Trial. ...
  6. Book A Demo. ...
  7. Be Realistic About Your Budget. ...
  8. Think About Support.
30 Apr 2018

Is Zoom an LMS? ›

Zoom LMS offers the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom Rooms, and other room systems.

Is Google an example of LMS? ›

Google Classroom is a very popular learning management system in K-12 schools.

What are the two major components of a LMS? ›

2 Components of an LMS

Display of teaching Materials, i.e. courseware (either through content authoring and/or importing standard IMS or SCORM packages developed with an external tool ) Self-assessment quizzes.

What makes an effective LMS? ›

Everyone learns differently, so a good LMS should include options to configure accessibility, display settings and evidencing methods to suit a wide range of courses, learning styles and accessibility needs. Look out for an LMS that can be used for training, learning and assessment together.

Why is Google not an LMS? ›

Even the leading expert on Google Classroom, Alice Keeler, says it is not an LMS. She argues that Google Classroom is neither an LMS nor a CMS (Content Management System) because it does not automate course enrollment, have a grade book, or house content.

Is Moodle an LMS or CMS? ›

An LMS is a platform that delivers online learning materials to learners in corporate and educational environments. In addition to delivering training content to users, an LMS also allows administrators to track learner participation and progress. Moodle and Totara are examples of popular learning management systems.

Why is Google Classroom not a LMS? ›

So, is Google Classroom an LMS? Yes, Google Classroom is an LMS. Google Classroom is used by teachers to deliver digital course materials and other online content to students. Teachers may also use the platform to receive course work submissions and assign grades to students.

Which is better Moodle or Google Classroom? ›

Moodle is huge, vast, and offers a lot more features than Google Classroom.
#2 Ease of Use.
MoodleGoogle Classroom
Richer functionality and activities as well as assessmentsNot as feature-rich as Moodle and lacks advanced functionality
4 more rows
4 Sept 2020

Is Canvas better than Google Classroom? ›

CANVAS and Google Classroom are highly rated learning management systems. While Google Classroom primarily targets academic institutions, CANVAS caters to K-12 educational institutions, higher education institutions, and businesses of all sizes.

Is e-learning same as LMS? ›

An LMS is a software application that enables users to create, design, and deliver their own course content through a website or a mobile app. eLearning platforms, on the other hand, are web-based applications that allow users to design online courses, then deliver/share them with learners.

Why is GC-MS better than GC? ›

GC–FID can only identify a compound based on its retention time, whereas GC–MS also provides mass spectral information for each peak. When you get to the trace levels of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids, you need sensitivity and specificity; these are readily provided by an MS detector.

Why is HPLC better than GC-MS? ›

Gas chromatography requires samples to stay in a gaseous form, so it is perfect for volatile or semi-volatile substances that readily vaporize. HPLC can only analyze liquids, but these machines can analyze larger, less stable compounds because they do not expose the sample to high temperatures.

What are GC-MS and what is its disadvantage? ›

The major disadvantage of using GC-MS for drug confirmation testing or broad spectrum drug screening is that GC-MS methods are not capable of directly analyzing drugs that are nonvolatile, polar, or thermally labile. Derivatization is required to increase the volatility and thermal stability of these compounds.

Is Salesforce an LMS? ›

LMS in Salesforce integrates the training workflows data with the customer and sales-related data. This escalates the training process from a cost center to a profit center. In this blog, you will learn more about Salesforce LMS integration and how you can configure it.

Is Canvas owned by Microsoft? ›

Canvas, which is owned by Instructure, was created in 2008 by Brigham Young University students frustrated with their own school's online platform.

Is Blackboard an LMS or VLE? ›

Blackboard Learn is for Educators. Our learning management system (LMS) allows you to deliver life-changing teaching and learning experiences with unmatched pedagogical autonomy.

Why is GC faster than LC? ›

Due to the volatility of the sample and high column temperature, GC happens much faster in comparison to HPLC.

Is GCMS cheaper than LC-MS? ›

Cost. LC/ MS systems are more expensive in comparison to GC/MS. They require specialized operator training as well as more maintenance. On the other hand GC/MS is simpler to operate and requires less maintenance as only components like septa and liners need replacement from time to time to maintain optimum performance.

Which is better UPLC or HPLC? ›

A: Both HPLC and UPLC are both liquid chromatography techniques used to separate the different components found in mixtures. However, UPLC operates at higher pressures (15,000 psi) and allows for lower particle sizes in columns, while HPLC operates at lower pressures (max <6000 psi).

Does Amazon have an LMS? ›

The Learning Management Systems (LMS) solutions on AWS are at the heart of digital curriculum delivery and remote learning experience - connecting students, teachers and parents with learning content, resources, assignments, and progress indicators.

Is Google suite a LMS? ›

Google Classroom is one of the services provided through G Suite for Education. Classroom is a learning management system (LMS) and allows teachers to distribute online lessons and quizzes to their classes.

Can I use SharePoint as an LMS? ›

Known for its superb content management capabilities, the latest version of SharePoint introduced much broader capabilities, perfect for training. Using SharePoint as an LMS, trainers can upload content directly in SharePoint. With version controls and workflows, all documents are current and up-to-date.

Is Facebook an LMS? ›

Facebook groups as a LMS system allows the participants to engage in real time discussions and chats, allowing the participant to ask questions and have access to their trainer at all times.

Is blackboard a LMS or CMS? ›

What is Blackboard? Known as a "learning management system" (LMS) or "course/content management system" (CMS), Blackboard is UR's standard LMS. All courses with an instructor-of-record will automatically have a Blackboard course generated.

Is an LMS a SaaS or PAAS? ›

An LMS is best when offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for a few reasons, such as it won't take up space on a company's servers if it is cloud-based, access to SaaS Learner Management Systems (LMS) is not as restricted as the downloaded versions, cloud-based LMS are always updated and more.

Is Google Classroom an LMS? ›

Google Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that is a part of Google Apps for Education.

Is Moodle the most widely used LMS in the world? ›

Conclusion. Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System in the world for a reason. Its features make it easy to create and manage online courses, and its interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

Does Microsoft have its own LMS? ›

Microsoft LMS Gateway allows institutions to use Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) apps from Microsoft with their Learning Management System (LMS). It is a fully compliant product and is certified from IMS Global on LTI 1.3 standards.

What LMS does Stanford use? ›

Canvas Support and Resources

Canvas is Stanford University's primary learning management system. Instructors and students use Canvas as a central meeting place for course administration.

Is Microsoft teams considered as LMS? ›

MS Teams isn't an LMS — but you can integrate your LMS with MS Teams. Essentially, we're talking about placing your LMS inside your MS Teams application. The two have highly complementary functionality, which makes them highly compatible to integrate.

What is better canvas or Moodle? ›

Moodle – When it comes to grading, both Moodle and Canvas have good grading tools. However, grading is much more refined and diverse in Moodle as compared to Canvas.
Supports more than 12 types of assessmentsLesser alternatives for grading
2 more rows

What is better Google classroom or Moodle? ›

Moodle is huge, vast, and offers a lot more features than Google Classroom. Simply because Google Classroom is not officially an LMS.
#2 Ease of Use.
MoodleGoogle Classroom
Richer functionality and activities as well as assessmentsNot as feature-rich as Moodle and lacks advanced functionality
4 more rows
4 Sept 2020

What are the disadvantages of Moodle? ›

Disadvantages of Moodle
  • Primitive User Interface. Moodle Open-source has an outdated user interface that's not going to compare to other 2022 software that feels and looks new. ...
  • Security issues. ...
  • Not User-Friendly. ...
  • You have to self-host the LMS. ...
  • Requires a tech team to succeed. ...
  • There are a lot of hidden fees.

Is Google classroom a CMS or LMS? ›

The simple answer: Google Classroom is an LMS, or learning management system.

What are some popular management models used in school? ›

There are four styles of classroom management: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and indulgent. They range from the teacher having very strong control and less student involvement to the teacher having less control and more student involvement.


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