Paula Young Wigs Review - Emmeline & Mason | Unbox & Review 2 Paula Young Wigs | 2 Colors! (2023)

Kate Carr: I love watching you whip those out-of-the-box wigs into your own! You truly have a gift with making a wig come alive. Much love my little friend

Lisa E: Hey, Beth! I love them both! They're sooo pretty! I can't tell you how helpful your videos are, especially for styling. You're so creative and just fearless working with hair. Really inspiring. And my heart goes out to you about your sister's wedding. I know exactly how that feels. Way too many years of that before wearing wigs. Anyway, hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend! ❤

Kathie E.: Beth, you are my favorite wig reviewer! Your wedding story...oh my gosh, that was heartbreaking. Thank you for your candor, because so many people are going through what you are going through. Thanks for being so real. By the way, I loved both wigs, but I still can't get over emmaline! Beeeeautiful!

Cordelia Lynch: Beth, thank you so much for doing these videos. I am loving the reviews on Paula Young wigs! Watching what you do to make them cute and realistic has been a game changer for me. I was nervous to wear wigs, but now I'm so excited! We can all have a great hair day every day. You are adorable and fun to watch. Thanks again and have a fantastic weekend.

Carmela Bologna: This is the first time I have seen your wig review and I LOVED IT!! I have been wearing wigs for nearly 20 years and there was never anything like this when I started. I felt very alone in something that most women would never understand unless they go through it. Many, many incidents of embarassment and humiliation because of my hair loss It is people like you that gave me encouragement and helped me find wigs that I could feel good about. I want to change my wigs but my family doesn't accept me looking different. I have tried many, many Paula Young wigs but never got lucky enough to find something that works for me. I LOVED both wigs on you because they do look like sister wigs, like one is good for everyday and one looks dressed up. You have a very beautiful and welcoming face and I believe you look great because of that as well as a beautiful wig. Thank you again for giving us encouragement and sharing something special with women who need a little confidence boost!

Bernadette Kukowski: Both of them are Beautiful. I can't pick a favorite. You look fabulous in every single wig video I've seen. The way you work the wigs to get them to look "just right" is like magic ✨✨.

BB Gant: Thank you so much Beth for saving my Mason wig! First of all you look beautiful in both Emmeline and Mason, and you really rock Mason. She looks perfect on you! For me Mason had too much height and not enough length for my style & face and I was disappointed. However after watching your videos I decided to add a headband to her and now I love her! I had so many cloth headbands that I just stopped using years ago, and now I can reuse them & they look fabulous on this shorter style. Thanks so much! You have revived my Mason wig and I am thrilled!

Mari: Emmeline is awesome, the curls are stunning! All of your PY wigs look beautiful and natural on you!

Who piddled on your post toasties: I'll definitely be ordering Emmeline. I love big Farrah, Jaclyn Smith hair!! You my girl are so talented. Your hair loss has brought a positive outcome. Your talent with transforming a budget friendly wig into spectacular is helping thousands of us wig sisters have a much better day. Thank you

T J: Love Emmeline! I would cut it down to shoulder length and make it into a topper. As I have learned from watching videos what matters the most is if you like the top when making a topper. The top is gorgeous and the bangs are 5 inches which is great because I set it back a ways, and pull out my own bangs.Looks so real on you!

Kit kat: I love your reviews! You’re so pretty! Keep doing wig reviews because we love them! Wigs are so Amazing!

(Video) Paula Young Wigs Review - Emmeline & Mason | Unbox & Review 2 Paula Young Wigs | 2 Colors!

SparklebySylvia: Love your make every unit look so awesome! I share the same love of hair with volume! All your units look ultra natural...just looks like you change up styles :) Keep up the great work!

Lydia Johnson: I really like Emmeline, but I'd feel more comfortable wearing Mason as an every day thing. I bought a wig in 10/26 and 12/28, and no one would be able to tell them apart unless they saw them next to each other. Everyone who knows me well knows that I wear wigs because I wear different colors and styles. I figured I'd might as well have fun with it.

Glenda The Good Witch: I agree 100% with having a super fun positive attitude about wearing wigs! What you modeled casually saying: "oh yeah, I'm having fun wearing hair . . . " that was perfect! It takes all the wind out of the gossipy naysayers' sails.

Jackie C: I love to watch you make it your own. I love your updo’s!! I’m so on the fence of getting one in honey.

Brenda A.: You really are a great help for us that are always on the fence wondering which is more like which. Thanks for the tip on Mason being a like a grown out Ashlee!

D Million: Love all your reviews from Paula Young. I order from them all the time. Thanks!!

Joan Jones: I love your reviews and your skill in setting the wigs.

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Beth! I like them both, but Emmeline is my favorite!! Love your top, too. Love and blessings ❤

T J: Got Emmeline in sunlit ginger. Had to try. To my surprise I love the color. Goes great with my skin. It will be a topper and shorter when I’m done. Hope it turns out good. I can’t stand the feel of a whole wig hugging my head.

Lakey: I love these! I think about my thinning hair all day every day. I had someone from work tell me Yesturday that there are people going thru worse things. I was crushed so I won't feel comfortable mentioning it at work againit's hair to have your hair have thinning and bald areas. Thank you for your videos they mean so so much

Bonnie: I would love to see you use the root spray in a slower motion. I’ve sent wigs back because they didn’t look natural. After seeing what you’ve done it could allow me more to choose from! You’re wigs look awesome!

7swordMary: Mason is gorgeous. Thanks for posting this. Beautiful Colors.


Elizabeth Ortiz: Hi Beth, Just Subscribed to your Channel. I love wearing wigs. They are fun. love watching you do your Magic with the wigs you try on. You certainly give me Great ideas. Love your personality. I'm so glad I came across your Channel. Thanks. Always looking forward to something New in your Channel. I been wearing wigs off and on for years. I gravitate to them. I like wigs better then my own hair. Wigs are so much better to maintain then my own. Slip on the wig give it a quick style and you are ready to go out. Wigs have come along way.

Sonya Lytle: I love both of them! By the way, I found your comb at the Dollar tree!

Glenda The Good Witch: Buttered toast is quite fine on you, but Honey is YOUR color, which is great bc PY has relatively few choices in colors, but they do have THE perfect color for you!

Gloria Lagroon: Hi Beth, I like both a lot. Just one is more vavoom than the other. You know is more fancy looking than the other. I want to get both.☺I was wondering if you'd go for a shorter one like Misty? Would love to see a review on someone first that one. Kinda like her. Lol! Thanks for all you do in sharing your journey!

T J: Thanks for suggesting to check out Emmeline. Only thing it doesn’t come in large. I could make it into a topper. Do you remember if it ran large? It does look very pretty.

Mary Singleton: Thank you so much for these great videos! You are fabulous! I would love a video on how you do your beautiful eye makeup!

Anna Brown: I love Emmeline. I have her in sunlit ginger.

jdarrah17: I would love to see how you did the up-do with Gayle. Love your videos!!!!

T J: Mason…HATED it when you first put it on, but you made it look BEAUTIFUL!Why tell anyone? None of their business!

Lo Presti: I wear my wigs to work n if the subject of my hair comes up, i tell em its a wig. and right away, the women say, "Oh. Where do you get them.?" Then i tell em. Its a fun time all around. Wigs = total hair freedom. its a good thing. And i agree, Honey is a prettier color.

Jennifer Martinez: Super cute! Thanks for the review!

Sonya Lytle: And as far as people knowing that I wear wigs, I have a lot of fun telling them that it's a wig. Lol

(Video) WIG Review/Install: Mason in Silvery Moon by PY

Dana Renken: Hugs honey, thank you!! I love both

Denise Ranio: Both are pretty. I have Mason in her box. Will play tonight. Thanks so much Beth.

Cordelia Lynch: Okay, so I'm leaving too many comments. I should have waited to comment until I had seen the whole video, but after hearing the wedding story, I had to come back to tell you that my heart went with you to that hotel room and I'm so sorry you were in that uncomfortable position and were all alone there. Fortunately, you are amazingly great with hair and did do your own hair every bit as well as the stylist could have done it, but I'm sorry you were left out of the group and the fun of doing that together. You are beautiful and inclusive and kind and you bring joy to so many. That experience strengthened your compassionate heart. Thank you for sharing the story and for helping others find ways to feel beautiful!

G. White: Emmeline looks far better on you than the model picture for sure ☺️

Sharon Steele: I’m wearing Mason in 12/28 honey in my profile pic. Nice review

Tiffany Phillips: Beth can you please do a video on how you style your wigs in a full updo. Or if you have already made one I can't find it, please direct me! Your amazing

Cordelia Lynch: I was wondering and forgot to ask... how do you keep the wig on your head? Especially while you are styling it? Are you wearing a wig grip band? Pinning it on with bobby pins? Something else? Thank you!

MI Vicente: Beautiful Love Mason!!!

Barb: Hey Beth,I just found u I think your so great. What’s your favorite out of these gayle Valentina or emmeline?or Mason

Carmen Eusebio: I would love to have the confidence you have wearing the wigs. Any advice that would help me. Do you always wear the caps? Do you pin them down? Please help

Michelle Diekman: You Look Gorgeous!! Great Review ❤

Liza Rosa: Please do wigs style tutorials You are The Master of hair Its exactly like Farrah Fawcett!!

(Video) WIG INSTALL: Emmeline in 4 Dark Brown Paula Young | Affordable Wigs

Carmen Eusebio: Is there any advise when the wig bothers around the ears. I received a very pretty shaggy wig but it came alittle big and I can’t use heat. Thank you

Debbie Hall: They are both beautiful

Jodi H: Hi I am newTo Paula young. I wear civics fox in fs430. And I am wondering how I find the sameish color and I wouldLove a style about 16”Long.Thank you!!! You look sensational

Glenda The Good Witch: Really great video! Thanks.

Eve long: Beautiful wig. I don't have any Paula Young books but if I did.

Glenda The Good Witch: What do you do with your worn out wigs?

Yvonne: Love your videos!

Cinnamon Girl: LOVE THIS WIG IMFO CHANNELDEAR BETH Which of your long curly or wavy wigs with bang is best for a beautiful everyday Updo❔One concern of mine is exposing the artificial neck Nap

7swordMary: Thatz some BIG Hair! But Beautiful, especially in an UpDo!

Velma: Looks nice in butter toast as well I love it on you too

Lila Blackburn: You look good in those wigs.

Victorious Vikki: Emmaline is my fave on you.

(Video) Exciting Review of Two Affordable Beautiful Styles!!! Paula Young Aria in 8 & Emmeline in 8/12A

janet turner: Great video.

Golden Lasso Novelties: You make it look so easy

Vivshd: I like Mason


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