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Rich of Roanoke, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 5, 2023

LA Fitness continued to invoice monthly fees and charge annual fee after account was cancelled. Find a different club is the recommendation. Corporate customer service will not make good on refunds after your credit card has been falsely billed.

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Linh of Lynnwood, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 5, 2023

Signed up for "Family Plan".

1. The rep did not mention any annual fee despite I asked specifically if there are any other fees up front and after sign up.

2. Call local gym to cancel, said have to show up. Told them due to my working hours, I can't be there when the person in charge of the membership is in the office. They repeat the same thing -- ACTUALLY YOU CAN CALL TO CANCEL, JUST CALL THE REGIONAL PHONE NUMBER (ofc I have to look up online to find this info).

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3. The rep that registered us verbally said "I don't have to be professional with me" when I had a conflict with them about why I am getting double charge -- this was the annual fee that he DID NOT TELL US ABOUT, and now saying HE DON'T KNOW WHAT IS THAT CHARGE AND SUGGEST ME CALLING LA FITNESS CENTER.

4. The same rep lied that he was the manager, BUT HE WAS NOT.

5. Call in the regional office, got the account freezing because the phone rep was much nicer.

6. Finally want to cancel it after 2 months for good because I have another gym. Called in the regional office, the phone rep said there is a CHARGE to unfreeze the account to cancel -- the previous phone rep DID NOT MENTION THIS AT ALL, if I would have known, I would have cancel it completely on the second trial.

7. Found out the charge to unfreeze the account is different between accounts in the Family Plan, despite being opened at the same date and billed the same amount monthly. The phone rep DON'T KNOW WHY, just repeatedly said the system calculate it to be like that. WOW. After consistently explaining my frustration with all of these fees, the phone rep decided to CHARGE my account WITHOUT MY APPROVAL to the fee to cancel the second account. She told me there is no other fees after her action of doing that. Wow. What an amazing company culture and policy.

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Top 2,507 LA fitness Reviews (3)

Randal of Yonkers, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 14, 2022

My wife signed up for the gym membership and was hustled into a training plan. My wife was 61 at the time, and not in the best of shape. They put her on the 3x per week training schedule. After 3 weeks' worth of training appointments, she came down with Chronic Bronchitis. She has not yet returned to the gym. We've tried to reason with them but they are hard and fast cutthroats to the core. So, we're paying more than $3k for what? I cannot use the choice words suited for them but I would if I could.

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E.D. of Seattle, WA Verified Reviewer

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2022

I am an older person. After PT from surgery was over, I wanted to continue. Signed up for personal training with LA Fitness. They are not geared toward someone who has never used a gym, but it seemed ok, sometimes I was sore for a week or so after, but I liked getting help. But I hurt my back so that walking was difficult after one of the exercises and I've been trying since September (over 3 months in other words) to cancel my personal training contract.

I called and was told to come in person so I did. I was told it would be no problem, they would cancel. I called back to confirm and was told I needed a doctor's note even though it wouldn't make a difference unless I was completely paralyzed but I could still cancel for 1/2 my remaining contract. So I got a doctor's note and delivered it back in person. Was told fine, the contract would be cancelled. But nothing happened. I called in October to ask, "why?" This time I was told to fill out a form online and was emailed a non-working link to do so. So I called back, and again was connected to a manager to told it would be taken care of, just wait a few weeks.

After no contact from anyone, on November 15, I went again in person to the club with a letter detailing everything I've gone through to cancel. The Manager was not there, but later I got the new manager on the phone with reassurances that all would be taken care of and he was going to see if my entire remaining fee could be returned - but still nothing. Talked to three people this week alone and was told that today I would get a call for certain! Nope.

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AB of Vero Beach, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 8, 2022

In August a membership and personal trainer program was signed up for at the a Fort Myers Gulf Stream center location. All payments were paid on time. As a result of hurricane Ian my son was forced to relocate, limited housing in Fort Myers and his job provided him a position elsewhere in the state. The closet Lafitness is 45 minute one way. So my son asked LaFitness to cancel his contract as not due to his fault but due to a Natural disaster he had to relocate. Lafitness refused and made him pay $585 to cancel his contract. Lafitness has no compassion for someone who was effected by a natural disaster. He was paid up to date.

LaFitness is a terrible non compassionate company, all they cared about was getting their piece of money. Plus when the local club was contacted “Dominic” said was he signed a contract and had to pay, when I asked for his supervisor he provided her name Tamara **, when we asked for her contact info he said he didn’t have it and told me to calm the ** down and hung up. The customer service is disgusting. They should refund the $585 it cost my son to buy out of a contract he couldn’t use as closest club was too far away. Don’t go there.

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KRisten of Woodbridge, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 4, 2022

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Josh, the general manager at the Woodbridge VA location, provided exceptional customer service. I moved out of state and forgot to cancel my membership. Normally, one has to appear in person to cancel, but Josh handled it quickly and painlessly over the phone. Thank you!

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Ron of Atlanta, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 28, 2022

This is without a doubt the most deceptive business I have ever worked with. My credit card expired and they contacted me about updating my billing information. I told them that I was not returning because I have a gym at work. They kept hassling me about updating and I told them so many times to cancel the membership. They told me I had to come into the gym and I told them I was not going to do that. They promised to email me a cancellation form, but I never received it. I stopped getting calls so I assumed it had been canceled. That was a year ago. Now my new card has gotten compromised and I got a notification from the mobile app to update my credit card information. I NEVER gave them this new information, yet for a year now they've been billing me. I have no idea how they got my credit card information but I did NOT authorize it. Very deceptive and fraudulent practices.

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Laure of Minneapolis, MN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Oct. 7, 2022

I wanted to switch my single club location and add my partner to my membership. The first salesperson "had no power" to switch it, so the club manager came to advise him. As he left he leaned over and "whispered" in the sales guy's ear "start high, then go low"... I left to check out other options. Talked to a guy at another club who said my location switch should be easy and free! Unfortunately that club was too far, so I went back to deal with the people at the original club. After a week of back-and-forth nonsense my location was magically changed. The whole time they had assured me they would honor the deal I was offered for adding my partner to my membership. But then I was told I would have to sign him up online -still, not to worry, the offer price would be honored.

Still hopeful, I went to sign him up online. I clicked into the offer, and the link landed me on a deal that was $3 more per month. I called back. This time they said, "Sorry, we can't do anything. You'll have to call the main office". Called headquarters in CA. Their response was "We're sorry, we have no power to do anything." The first person was rude, so I called back.

The next person was more polite, but said, "No, we can't honor the price you were given, even tho you were repeatedly told by our reps that we would honor it. Best thing you can do is email our PR department." What? Why don't you escalate this on your end? Isn't that what should happen? This is an internal issue. Why am I spending hours chasing this down? Nope, "we have no contact with our internal PR department and there is no-one else to talk to here. You would need to email them." She gave me an email address for their pr department and sent me on my way. Wow. So the moral of the story?

Don't believe what you are told at this place. If you are going to join this gym get there is no human at the helm that will maintain the integrity of the place. The decision-makers are busily hiding from their customers in a building in Irvine, CA, and the peons in the gyms and call centers are neither given the tools or power to do their jobs, nor the training and supervision to ensure customers are treated with basic courtesy, honest and integrity. They wasted a lot of my time and lost my whole family's business.

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Antonia of Trumbull, CT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 27, 2022

DO NOT under any circumstances sign up or enroll for the personal trainer program. I have paid for 11 months of services and have yet to utilize half of my sessions due to personal trainer turnovers and their lack of availability. In addition, their trainers are college students who are studying to be trainers. The money you pay for a personal trainer are not for qualified or certified trainers. The two trainers they assigned to me were both in college. They were not available or able to work in the mornings or every evening because they were in classes. For the amount paid for a trainer, you would think that the trainers would be certified and qualified. I had tried to cancel due to their negligence and to poor quality services. In which they took away all my session. After paying the balance, they have yet to honor their part of the agreement.

I contacted their headquarters and left messages. In addition, left messages with a staff member at the gym. No one returned any of my messages until I canceled my payments and they wanted their money. In trying to rectify the payments, the VP of the department did not honor his word. He had someone else in the company handle this matter.

When the payments were made and the account was up to date, I was unable to schedule a session because they had no female trainers available that week. Also, the trainer they had assigned is no longer with the club and I'm unable to schedule a session. My membership is soon to expire and I currently have 37 sessions. LA Fitness do not honor their word and their services as agreed to the contract. DO NOT ENROLL IN THEIR PROGRAM.

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Top 2,507 LA fitness Reviews (10)

Martin of Blue Bell, PA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 27, 2022

Been a customer since 2008. Last week I was denied access to the Montgomeryville location bc I have "single location" membership (East Norriton, PA). Not what I signed up for when I joined 16 years ago; I had nationwide access but looks like somewhere along the way they took that privilege away, didn't bother to let me know, and of course didn't reduce my monthly fee. As a solution, they offered me to "upgrade" to the multilocation membership ($3-4 more per month), pay "first and last month" again (????), pay a registration fee (????) and also pay a "one time $49 fee" (????), all after being a customer for 16 years.

I asked to cancel my membership on the spot, they said I have to fill up a form, blah blah, I politely asked to process my cancellation right away, they validated my identity, no reason to have me jump through hoops. They told my "OK, I'm taking care of that right now, sorry to see you go". 3 weeks later my membership hasn't been canceled. Unbelievable.

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