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What cars are eligible for Uber Driver is of all the questions when you plan to sign up tobecome Uber drivers.Does your car meet the minimum qualify standard for Uber? The first step is to find out here is your current car meets the minimum requirements for joining the Uber services. So, does your car are eligible for Uber, the most four-door vehicles do, but there are requirements vary by service. You can get the details information in below.

There many types of Uber service and each of them have a different set of eligible vehicle requirements. For example, the UberX which is the most common Uber services accepts any 4-door car of a certain age. The other services like Uber BLACK services accept only certain vehicles.

Before you understand about what cars are eligible for Uber, it’s better to know the minimum requirements to become the Uber driver. Every Uber driver that want to join the Uber service must meet these basic Uber requirements.

There are standardrequirements such as must be 21 years of age or older andhave 3 years driving experience.

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Uber driver candidatemust have an in-state Drivers License depending on your state. Also they musthave a clean driving record and they shouldpass a background check.

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Related to the cars are eligible for Uber, below is the list ofthe most current Uber vehicle requirements. I will give you example cars you got a sense for the kind of cars that eligible for each kind of the Uber services.

What Cars are Eligible for General Uber Requirements

First of all is UberX, the most popular vehicle option for riders. Most newer cars are eligible to drive with UberX, but the other services may require more specific specifications.Below is is therequirements to share for all general Uber Services.

Cars are eligible for All Uber services to share these requirements:

  • Cars must be 10 years old or newer. This may vary in your city.
  • The cars also must be a four-door car, truck, or minivan.
  • Manual or standard transmission is eligible for Uber.
  • They should have a seating and seatbelts for four passengers, except the driver.
  • Must have a record of pass a mechanical vehicle inspection.
  • For the driver, the full name must be on the insurance for the car.
  • Also the driver must pass a background check and have a good driving record check.
  • Driver’s name should not have to be on vehicle registration.
  • The cars should not a full size vans like a Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, GMC Savana.
  • Taxis car are not allowed or other marked vehicles
  • Cars should no commercial markings or advertisements in the car body.
  • No salvaged car or rebuilt vehicles with salvage title
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What Cars are Eligible for Uber X

UberX is the common services from Uber and it is the lowest cost of Uber service. The cars with almost 4-door are eligible for UberX.

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And 10 years old or newer will eligible as long as it is in good mechanical performance and appearance condition.

The Cars are Eligible for Uber X:

  • 10 years old or newer in most cities.
  • 15 years cars old or newer is OK in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and other cities.
  • You may check in help.uber.com for the model year requirement in your city.
  • Must have seats and seat belts for four passengers, not including the driver
  • Four full doors – No center-opening rear doors like the ones found in Honda Element and Mazda Rx-8

Example of the cars that eligible for Uber X:

  • Ford Focus, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry and Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Mazda3 and Mazda6, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Cruz, Chevrolet Cobalt, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Passat, Chrysler 300 and 200.

What Cars are Eligible for Uber XL

Uber XL is the Uber service for larger groups of passengers. It can accept 5 to 6 passengers in one ride. So the Fare rates for Uber XL are much higher than Uber X.

As a result, you’ll make more money per ride if you drive an Uber XL car.

The Cars are Eligible for Uber XL:

  • Must have seat for six passengers and contain six seatbelts, not including driver.
  • 10 years old or newer.
  • Or 15 years old or newer in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County and other cities.
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Example of the cars that eligible for Uber XL:

  • Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Yukon XL, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Highlander, Nissan Quest, Chevy Traverse, Hyundai Santa Fe, GMC Acadia, Dodge Caravan, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex, Dodge Durango, Dodge Grand Caravan, Jeep Cherokee

What Cars are Eligible for Uber Select

Uber Select services are the Uber services which give the options to get a ride in an entry-level of the luxury car with a leather interior.

The fare rates for Uber Select higher than Uber X and XL so you will get more money from this service.

The Cars are Eligible for Uber Select:

  • Entry-level luxury sedans
  • Must seat four passengers, not including driver
  • 8 years old or newer.
  • Model year varies city to city
  • Leather or vinyl interior with no cloth
  • Not available in all Uber markets

Example of the cars that eligible for Uber Select:

  • BMW 3 Series and up, all Lincolns, Mercedes C-Class and up, Volvo S60, Acura, most Cadillacs, Hyundai Genesis, Audi A3 and up, Acura RLX, Acura TL & TLX, all Infinitis, Hyundai Genesis & Equus, Infinitis, Tesla Model S, Volvo S60 & S80.

What Cars are Eligible for Uber BLACK and Uber SUV

This is the high-end with high-cost Uber service.Uber BLACK and Uber SUV have the highest vehicle and driver standards and it has more expensive fare rates.

The Cars are Eligible for Uber BLACK and Uber SUV:

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  • Black on Black vehicle which in the excellent condition such as black paint and black leather interior.
  • 5 years old or newer.for SUV
  • 4 years old or newer.for Black
  • Commercial registration and insurance
  • Must have city-specific airport permits when required.
  • Full Uber black requirements and how to qualify for Black service
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Example of the cars that eligible for Uber BLACK:

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S, Audi A6 A7 A8, BMW 5 & 7 Series, Jaguar XF and XJ, Cadillac XTS

Example of the cars that eligible for Uber SUV:

  • Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban, Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon XL, Infiniti QX80, Mercedes GL-Class, Lexus LX

What Cars are Eligible for Uber LUX

This is Uber services with luxury car service. This services only accepts the top models from luxury brands. It is most expensive fare rates between the other Uber services.

The Cars are Eligible for Uber LUX;

  • Full-size luxury vehicle
  • 5 years old or newer
  • This services only available in Los Angeles

Example of the cars that eligible for Uber LUX:

  • Range Rover, Jaguar XK, Lexus LS, Bentley, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Porsche Panamera, Tesla Model S

What Cars are Eligible for Uber EATS

UberEATS is an on-demand food delivery service from Uber that has more lenient vehicle requirements. The Cars are Eligible for Uber EATS can have 2 doors and may have older model year requirement.

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There is the information about What Cars are Eligible for Uber. You can use this information when you need to sign up as an Uber driver. Don’t forget to share this article if you think this is useful for your family and friends.


What is the oldest car Uber will accept? ›

All vehicles being used for rides on the Uber app must meet the following requirements: - Must have 4 doors and be able to transport a minimum of 4 passengers. - Vehicle model must be 15 years old or newer.

What disqualifies someone from Uber? ›

In order to drive for Uber, you must pass a stringent background check. You'll be disqualified if Uber finds any convictions for violent crimes, sexual offenses, or felonies in your criminal record. Certain driving violations, such as a careless driving ticket, may disqualify you.

How do you know what car your Uber driver is in? ›

Viewing driver and vehicle details

Tap the bar that has the driver's name, photo, and vehicle. This displays: A photo of your driver. The vehicle's make, model, and license plate number.

Can you choose what car you want on Uber? ›

To select a vehicle option for your ride:

Open your app and enter your destination in the “Where to?” field. Swipe up to see all vehicle options available in your area. Tap one to select it for your ride. Tap “Confirm”.

Who pays more Uber or Lyft? ›

Who pays more? According to a recent survey of close to 1200 drivers, rideshare platforms revealed that Lyft drivers averaged around $17.50 per hour, close to $2 more per hour than Uber drivers. Lyft and Uber drivers earn approximately the same average per month, but the tips and earnings per trip are higher for Lyft.

How many miles does an Uber driver drive in a year? ›

So, let's look at the cost per mile that near full-time Uber and Lyft drivers would be more likely to see – assuming they drive an average of 30,000 miles per year.

What will Uber deny you for? ›

Criminal background check

Convictions for felonies, violent crimes, sexual offenses, and registered sex offender status, among other types of criminal records, are also disqualifying. Pending charges for those categories of crimes are also disqualifying, unless and until such charges are resolved in your favor.

How much do Uber drivers make? ›

Average Uber Driver Earnings. The average Uber driver earns between $8.55 and $11.77 per hour. Those figures will vary when influenced by the factors we have discussed, such as the particular Uber service provided, Uber's pricing schematics, and the number of hours worked in total by the driver.

Can I be an Uber driver with a criminal record? ›

'Uber does not process the background checks, does not require potential drivers to use a specific provider, and does not have a say in who gets licensed. 'It is ultimately up to the regulator (TfL in London) to review the application and DBS check and decide who is granted a licence.

Does scheduling an Uber guarantee a ride? ›

Uber doesn't guarantee that a driver will accept your ride request. Your ride is confirmed once you receive your driver details. Reserve is available in select cities. ¹ Wait time varies based on the vehicle option you select.

Is UberX private? ›

Reasons to Use UberX

It offers a low-cost ride that's still convenient and safe. You won't find the luxury cars that you will with the UberBLACK service, but you're still getting a private, on-demand driver.

Can I see how many Uber drivers are in my area? ›

Only surge information. No, they technically cannot. Uber Driver app (a different app than the one riders use) does not display other drivers on the map at all. With that said, Uber drivers can theoretically open a Uber "Rider" app, and check out where the nearby drivers are.

How many types of Uber cars are there? ›

What Type of Uber Service Will You Provide? There are five common types of Uber services, each based on a particular style of vehicle: UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, and UberSUV.

What is the difference between Uber and UberX? ›

Actually, there is no difference between UberX and Uber – UberX is simply a basic level of service that Uber offers. Uber offers a variety of service level options. They range from cheaper, economy rides to pricier luxury rides.

Does Uber select make more money? ›

Drivers for Uber Select did make a bit more money than Uber X drivers. Where Uber X drivers average a little under $14/hour before tips, Uber Select drivers average making around $15/hour before tips.

What percentage does Uber take from drivers? ›

More than 25% The amount that Uber says it charges their drivers is 25%, but it actually takes a little more than that from their earnings. This is all due to the fact that some additional fees are taken by rideshare companies, resulting in a higher percentage for the cut.

Who makes more Uber or DoorDash? ›

Overall Earnings: Does DoorDash or Uber Eats Pay More? After driving for both delivery companies, we've found that DoorDash pays drivers more based on volume and availability.

Who pays more Lyft or Uber 2022? ›

Lyft 2022 driver pay, thus far, being in a nose-to-nose tie. Uber pay came in at $22.04 per hour, while Lyft drivers made an average of $21.97. Literally, the average hourly gross rates are just pennies apart. We see the same Uber vs.

Does Uber keep track of miles for taxes? ›

Uber and Lyft note how many miles you've driven with the app on, including miles logged in between passenger trips. However, this number may not be as accurate as tracking your own miles and does not produce a mileage log that you can show the IRS.

Is driving Uber full time worth it? ›

In my experience, yes, driving for Uber was worth it. I had a great time doing it, and it provided me with the income I needed while building my business on the side. You are NOT an Uber employee though. You are an independent contractor.

What are the best times to do Uber? ›

According to data from Uber, the peak hours during the week are in the morning and evenings. Specifically, the data notes that you should target the hours between 7 am and 9 am and the evening rush between 5 pm and 8pm.

Why is Uber not accepting my background check? ›

If Checkr is unable to verify after multiple attempts your background check report will be suspended and you will be unable to complete trips with Uber. Another reason your background check could be stalled is because Checkr is having trouble verifying your driving license history.

Why is Uber taking so long to approve me? ›

Sometimes the background check can stall because Checkr needs more information to complete your report. We'll work closely with Checkr to get you on the road as soon as possible. You'll then receive an email when this process is complete.

How long did your Uber background check take? ›

An Uber background check typically takes three to five days.

Once the report is received by Checkr, Uber will assess and determine the driver's eligibility. Applicants can check on the status of the background check by signing to the Checkr Candidate Portal.

How much Uber drivers make monthly? ›

Average Uber Driver monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 5 697, which is 31% below the national average.

Does Uber take cash? ›

Yes, you can pay with cash. Before requesting a ride, go to the Payment section in the app and select Cash. At the end of your trip, pay cash directly to your driver.

How much do you make with Uber after expenses? ›

The results of more than 5,000 answers of Uber drivers show that the average driver survey makes $15.73/hour and $0.83/mile before accounting for vehicle expenses. After taken into account driver related expenses, drivers earn approximately $11.93 per hour, and $0.63 per mile.

Can I reapply for Uber after being rejected? ›

You can always come back to us! If you want to start rides again, let us know by completing the information below - we will reactivate your account. Log on partners.uber.com or use the application to make sure that the information and documents in your account are up to date.

Will Uber deactivated me for an accident? ›

If you are in 3 accidents in a 3 year period, Uber will deactivate your account. To them, it will seem like you are a dangerous or at-risk driver, even if the accidents were not your fault. Therefore, if your account was deactivated after an accident, you should consider how many accidents you had.

Can I work with Uber without Social Security? ›

So, if you don't have an SSN, then most likely, you cannot drive for Uber or Lyft or any other ride-sharing company in the U.S. But even if you have an SSN, this doesn't mean you can work for such companies as a driver. This is because an SSN isn't a work authorization.

What is the oldest car LYFT will accept? ›

  • 2004 or newer.
  • 2008 vehicles and older must have less than 150K mileage.
Mar 4, 2022

Does a Chrysler 300 qualify for Uber black? ›

Lyft Lux, Lux Black and Lux Black XL

Leather or leatherlike seats are required, and they must be newer than the 2011 model year, or 2015 model year and newer of a few specific vehicles such as the Chrysler 300 or Ford Expedition. Drivers have a requirement, too, maintaining a 4.7 score (out of 5).

How old can your car be for Doordash? ›

Furthermore, in most markets there is an age requirement for your car that should be 12 years old or newer. There are a lot of delivery options. You do not need a car for Doordash, you can work without a car and deliver on a bike, rent a car for deliveries, you can walk or use any kind of transportation, including: Car.

Can I use SUV for Uber? ›

Uber Comfort is a popular option for airport trips and for riders who don't want to ride in a compact car. Example Uber Comfort vehicles: Larger sedans, minivans, and SUVs.

How much do Uber drivers make? ›

Average Uber Driver Earnings. The average Uber driver earns between $8.55 and $11.77 per hour. Those figures will vary when influenced by the factors we have discussed, such as the particular Uber service provided, Uber's pricing schematics, and the number of hours worked in total by the driver.

Can I drive Lyft with a dent in my car? ›

The Lyft Inspection Every Vehicle Must Pass

Furthermore, your car cannot have major dents bigger than the size of a baseball. You can't have severe damage to your car or very faded paint. Also, you can't have any missing parts to your vehicle, or it won't pass the inspection.

How big is UberXL car? ›

In all cases, UberXL vehicles must be large enough to carry six passengers. Those are minivans or SUVs with a third row of seats. That said, Uber has some rules around the vehicles that can drive its passengers. As of 2020, all Uber vehicles must be from 2008 or newer.

What type of car is UberXL? ›

Uber XL, also called Uber Van in Paris, is an Uber ride type that provides minivans and SUVs to customers, essentially accommodating up to six passengers. You cannot ride in the front seat of Uber and these vehicles are ideal for people who might want to travel in groups or have to take their luggage along.

Is a Chrysler 300 good for Uber? ›

Both the Chrysler 300 and Chrysler 300 have great features on the interior and exterior (including technology features), different engine options, and good warranties. Any Uber or Lyft rider would be happy to go for a ride in either of these Chrysler models!

Can someone ride with me while driving for DoorDash? ›

It is entirely up to you to complete the delivery service yourself or to delegate the tasks to your employee or subcontractor. Someone else may drive for you or help you drop off deliveries, however, they must have a valid Dasher account as well.

Can two dashers work together? ›

Yes me and my husband are both door dashers and we ride together now we always make sure the food is in side of the doordash bags zipped shut the only time it isnt is if its too big of an order in which we make sure its on back seat and nobody touches it . I take my husband with me...

Does DoorDash report to the IRS? ›

Yes. You have to file taxes and report all income you receive as an independent contractor, even if it's less than $600 and you don't get a 1099 form. Does DoorDash report to the IRS? DoorDash will report the income of all its DoorDashers who earn more than $600 to the IRS.

How many types of Uber cars are there? ›

What Type of Uber Service Will You Provide? There are five common types of Uber services, each based on a particular style of vehicle: UberX, UberXL, UberSELECT, UberBLACK, and UberSUV.

Can I use Toyota Sienna for Uber? ›

Yes, you can drive minivans such as Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey for Uber. In fact, you would qualify for both UberX (4 passengers) and UberXL (6 passengers). Minivans are becoming more popular amongst drivers, as they can earn more money by being classified as UberXL and they offer great gas mileage.

Is UberX private? ›

Reasons to Use UberX

It offers a low-cost ride that's still convenient and safe. You won't find the luxury cars that you will with the UberBLACK service, but you're still getting a private, on-demand driver.


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