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Whole Body Cryotherapy. Machines For Full Body Cryotherapy Worldwide | Cryomed (1)

Full body cryotherapy is based on the effect of extremely low temperatures between -110°C and -180°C on the human body. The objective is to cause a physiological adaptive response of the body to extreme cold, which rapidly accelerates recovery and healing procceses.

The history of whole-body cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy was first introduced by the Japanese scientist Professor Toshiro Yamauchi in the late 70s as an effective method of treating rheumatism. After making a report in 1979, when he told the world about his achievements at the Rheumatology Congress, and a few years later the first cryotherapeutic system for administering general cryotherapy was commissioned.

In the clinic of Professor Reinhard Fricke, a cryotherapeutic module started functioning way back in 1984, and hundreds of patients could undergo the long-awaited treatment. Since then, millions of people around the world could experience the amazing revitalizing capabilities of cryotherapy.

With time, cryotherapy using a cryosauna became more than pain management or anti-inflammatory tool and treatment that helped athletes recover from physical stress, muscle tension, and minor injuries. Instead, it evolved into a mainstream method of stress relief and a part of the wellness culture.

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How does whole body cryotherapy work?

Thanks to the presence of thermoreceptors in our skin, extremely low temperature causes an illusion of threat, to which the human body reacts by an adaptive reaction. Thermoreceptors signal the extreme cold to the CNS, and the brain will send orders to all peripheral body parts to reduce supply of blood to acral parts, concentrating the blood into the body core. During the short duration of the treatment, there is no reduction of temperature inside the body, the temperature of the body core and internal organs remains unchanged. Temperature of the body surface drops slightly by 0.5°C to 6°C, depending on the body part.

After 2.5 to 3 minutes, when the customer leaves the cryosauna and goes back to normal environment, the body signals this change of temperature and starts pumping blood to the peripheral parts – muscles, joints and skin. This stimulation of blood circulation will trigger metabolism and all recovery processes in the human body, like secretion of metabolites and toxins from subcutaneous layers, cell renewal process, replacement of damaged cells and removal of dead cells from peripheral tissues, thereby regenerating and rejuvenating the body at cellular level.

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  • General question about cryotherapy, both general and local.

  • Why people pay for cryotherapy and what is the cost of cryotherapy in different countries?

Whole-body cryotherapy benefits

Even though whole-body cryotherapy has been known for years, we can often hear: Why do people use whole-body cryotherapy? Does whole-body cryotherapy work? What does it do and how often should you do whole-body cryotherapy? These are some of the most common questions people ask when they want to visit a cryosauna.

Well, you can feel whole-body cryotherapy benefits just after one session, but it is more effective when you use it regularly. The main benefits of whole-body cryotherapy are:

  • inflammation reduction;
  • pain relief;
  • the effective complementary approach in rheumatic diseases;
  • immune system improvement;
  • stress alleviation;
  • help with skin problems (psoriasis, acne, etc.);
  • weight loss;
  • sleep improvement;
  • faster recovery after physical and psychological overloads.

The benefits of full-body cryotherapy and its effectiveness are proved by numerous studies. Yes, they are pros and cons to whole-body cryotherapy, like in any other treatment. But any risks can be minimized by careful study of contraindications and preliminary consultation with a cryo center specialist.

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Research and science behind whole-body cryotherapy

There are many studies of whole-body cryotherapy. Since it has become an alternative treatment for many diseases and conditions, whole-body cryotherapy researches issue regularly. Many of them relate to sports medicine.

For example, one of them “Cryotherapy in sports medicine” was issued by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports in 1996. The conclusion of this article is that cold treatment is effective to reduce the recovery time as part of the rehabilitation program both after acute injuries and in the treatment of chronic injuries; reduces pain effectively in the post-operative period after reconstructive surgery of the joints; has neuromuscular action and relaxation of the muscles; increases the pain threshold, the viscosity and the plastic deformation of the tissues; decreases the inflammatory reaction, etc.

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More recent researches are about specific problems or issues. “The cold truth: the role of cryotherapy in the treatment of injury and recovery from exercise” was published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology in 2021. Authors say that cryotherapy is indicated when rapid recovery is required between exercise bouts, as opposed to after routine training. It is imperative that cryotherapy be applied in abundance within the first few hours of structural damage.

But not only sports medicine is interested in whole-body cryotherapy. For example, the Experimental Gerontology journal issued the study “The improvement of cognitive deficits after whole-body cryotherapy – A randomised controlled trial” in 2021. Conclusions: whole-body cryotherapy may increase the performance of cognitive functions. It seems promising to combine whole-body cryotherapy with existing behavioral and cognitive training in future studies investigating early intervention methods in mild cognitive impairment.

One more – “Use of Cryotherapy for Managing Chronic Pain: An Evidence-Based Narrative” by Pain and Therapy journal. This research was focused on analyzing studies between the years 2000 and 2020 that included the application of cryotherapy in patients with chronic pain associated with chronic diseases. The authors came to the conclusion that local and whole-body cryotherapy can be low-risk and easy treatment options to add to the management of chronic pain of some patients.

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What do people say about whole-body cryotherapy in their reviews and testimonials?

On the Internet, you can find numerous whole-body cryotherapy reviews from people who have tried it. Most of them are from professional athletes because they were the first who felt all the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy on themselves.

The Guardian in one of the articles describes the impressions out of full body cryotherapy experience of one of the reporters, and lists the celebrities who use cryotherapy regularly.

Travelbinger blog recently published an honest review of a monthly course of whole-body cryotherapy. The author notes the increased level of energy and back pain relief even after his first session.

Irene Jiang from BusinessInsider spent 3 minutes in a cryosauna and wanted more. She described all the processes and impressions accompanied by photos in her whole-body cryotherapy testimonial article.
Read more reviews on cryotherapy and possibly the best whole body cryotherapy machines here.

Although whole-body cryotherapy provides a great number of benefits, there are few risks and side effects associated with this treatment. They can include decreased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and lowered respiration, burning of the skin or frostbite. You can find the list of all possible whole-body cryotherapy side effects here.

To avoid unwanted consequences you have to consult with a cryo center specialist and study the list of contradictions.

Whole-body cryotherapy risks

Industries where
whole-body cryotherapy is used

Whole Body Cryotherapy. Machines For Full Body Cryotherapy Worldwide | Cryomed (5)

Whole-body cryotherapy is currently the most efficient and most comprehensive method of treatment and stimulation by extreme cold. Thanks to its wide spectrum of effects, it is used by medical and rehabilitation facilities in sport, healthcare and beauty areas around the world.

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What is whole body cryotherapy?

The definition of whole body cryotherapy is the therapeutic application of extremely cold dry air, usually between −110°C and −180°C. It is used in medical therapy, beauty procedures, healing sports injuries, and others.

According to Wikipedia, cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy.

Cost & Prices

If you are interested in the cost and prices of whole body cryotherapy, check out the following articles:

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  2. How much does one cryotherapy session cost?
  3. What is the cost of cryotherapy business?
  4. How much does a full body cryotherapy machine / chamber / cryosauna / tank or other cryotherapy equipment cost?
  5. How to start cryotherapy business?
  6. How to calculate the profitability of your cryotherapy business?
  7. What are the delivery options while buying Cryomed cryosauna?
  8. What is the cost of cryotherapy technician training?

Whole-body cryotherapy locations

If you are wondering “How to find whole-body cryotherapy near me?” look around and try to find a medical/wellness center or sporting club. Usually cryosaunas you can find there. You have more chances to find whole-body cryotherapy locations in a big city with developed infrastructure.

For example, in New York, most cryo centers are concentrated in Manhattan and they are often located in wellness centers and sporting clubs. Full-body cryotherapy in London you can also find in the middle of the city: in Soho or Westminster districts.

You can also find full-body cryotherapy in a spa or rehabilitation center. For example, the famous thalassotherapy center in France where the movie “Talasso“ was shot, proposes to its clients’ full range of spa procedures, as well as cryotherapy.

Distributors of whole body cryotherapy devices in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Portugal, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and other countries and cities.

Cryotherapy Map shows cryosauna locations and places where you can try full body cryotherapy near you. If you are interested in finding local suppliers of cryotherapy equipment, please write to our marketing team.

Whole Body Cryotherapy FAQ

Read all FAQ

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Before answering the question “Who needs whole body cryotherapy?”, we need to understand how cryotherapy works. Whole body cryotherapy is a complex procedure that requires a cryosauna, such as Cryomed Pro or Cryomed One, a device large enough for a patient to be placed inside and subjected to temperatures as low as negative 170 degrees Celsius.

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All Cryomed cryotherapy equipment is of the best quality and performs its functions on the highest level. And sometimes our clients face the problem of how to choose a total body cryotherapy machine that will correspond to their purposes and needs. Taking into account all the pros and cons of whole body cryotherapy, they want to provide the best for their clients.

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No, whole body cryotherapy won't hurt. It is not painful. In most cases, this is an absolutely safe procedure for humans. Full body cryotherapy risks are: high blood pressure and poor blood circulation, heart and lung disease, allergy symptoms, neuropathy in the legs or feet.

Cryotherapy sessions are totally safe for women and have numerous benefits for their health. But there are some restrictions and contraindication that concerns only women. Here are the most popular questions that can be heard.

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Yes, whole body cryotherapy is used in different cases. Find out more about how cryotherapy helps deal with various health conditions, both physical and mental, like headaches, psoriasis, eczema, depression, insomnia and others...

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Why is cryotherapy not FDA approved? ›

A common objection about cryotherapy is that it is not FDA approved and is thus "dangerous." But the FDA does not regulate cryotherapy. The FDA does not approve any cryo chamber because they are not medical devices. Also, cryotherapy never claims to treat any disease or illness.

How much does it cost to buy a cryotherapy chamber? ›

The cost of cryotherapy machines ranges from $7,500 to $280,000 depending on the category: Cryo saunas cost from $30,000 to $61,000. Cryotherapy chambers cost from $75,000 to $280,000.

What is whole body cryotherapy good for? ›

Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, as well as some joint and muscle disorders, such as arthritis. It may also promote faster healing of athletic injuries. Doctors have long recommended using ice packs on injured and painful muscles.

How often should you do full body cryotherapy? ›

In most cases, you will begin to feel the benefits of cryotherapy after three to five consecutive sessions. To keep the benefits occurring, many people generally do cryotherapy treatments one to three times a week.

What are the dangers of cryotherapy? ›

The addition of nitrogen vapors to a closed room lowers the amount of oxygen in the room and can result in hypoxia, or oxygen deficiency, which could lead the user to lose consciousness. Moreover, subjects run the risk of frostbite, burns, and eye injury from the extreme temperatures.

Can cryotherapy cause blood clots? ›

Portal vein thrombosis may be an acute complication of whole-body cryotherapy, as discussed in this case.

Can I buy my own cryotherapy? ›

You can purchase a cryotherapy machine from a cryotherapy chamber manufacturer like Cryo Innovations. But, before you go about investing a cryotherapy machine, you need to know what to look for such as cryo machine cost, soft, and profitability.

How profitable are cryotherapy businesses? ›

Each session will cost a business owner roughly five dollars worth of nitrogen; however, a cryo session can sell for $35 to $80. At an example price of $39 dollars per session you can net $34 dollars. That adds up to $680 profit for one session per day for 20 days in a month.

How long do you stay in a cryotherapy machine? ›

So exactly how long is a cryotherapy session? Cryotherapy treatments are a maximum of 3-minutes long meaning you will always have time to keep up with your wellness routine. Most first-time cryo users choose to chill out for 2-minutes as they build up their tolerance to the cold.

Does whole body cryotherapy tighten skin? ›

Cryotherapy is a good treatment method for aging skin as well as for many skin conditions. It helps make your skin healthy and young by increasing cell rejuvenation, boosting the levels of collagen, promoting skin tightening, improving skin tone and reducing aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

Who should not do cryotherapy? ›

The following conditions are contraindications to whole body cryotherapy: Pregnancy, severe Hypertension (BP> 180/100), acute or recent myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, arrhythmia, symptomatic cardiovascular disease, cardiac pacemaker, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, venous thrombosis, acute or ...

What should I avoid after whole body cryotherapy? ›

Is there anything I should avoid following a cryotherapy treatment? Yes. Do not enter a hot sauna or Jacuzzi for at least six hours. You should also minimize alcohol consumption for several hours following treatment.

How long do the results of cryotherapy last? ›

Cryoskin Toning results in the last 3 to 5 months.

What is the best time of day to do cryotherapy? ›

Studies show cryotherapy before a workout is often used to help increase flexibility, range of motion and the flow of blood and oxygen through your body.

Does cryotherapy get rid of fat? ›

Studies have shown an average fat reduction of between 15 and 28 percent at around 4 months after initial treatment.

Can cryotherapy damage nerves? ›

Cryotherapy is a therapeutic modality frequently used in the treatment of athletic injuries. In very rare circumstances, inappropriate use in some individuals can lead to nerve injury resulting in temporary or permanent disability of the athlete.

How many times a week should you do cryotherapy? ›

It's recommended that you have up to three minutes of cryotherapy one to five times a week, depending on the results you're after and how new you are to the therapy. Athletes are using cryotherapy to aid recovery and improve their athletic performance during the game.

Is cryotherapy good for arthritis? ›

Cryotherapy is a highly effective treatment for muscle and joint pain. This makes it the perfect remedy for people suffering from arthritis. Rather than targeting one joint at a time, it offers whole-body relief.

Why am I so tired after cryotherapy? ›

When your body is exposed to the extremely cold temperatures in whole body cryotherapy, your body produces hormones that are directly related to sleep and relaxation. The intense sensation of cold will trigger your body to release the endorphin norepinephrine, which helps you feel relaxed.

Does cryotherapy raise blood pressure? ›

While cryotherapy eventually lowers blood pressure, it can raise it while you're in the chamber. Those with extremely high blood pressure, heart disease or serious medical conditions should always consult their physician first or consider an alternative like float therapy.

Can you get an infection after cryotherapy? ›

Risks. Cryotherapy risks include: Blisters and ulcers, leading to pain and infection.

What type of cryotherapy is best? ›

Nitrogen based cryo-chambers are the best – In a nitrogen based cryo-chamber nitrogen is used to super cool the air. Then the cold air is transferred into the chamber. This indirect system has all the benefits of the cold nitrogen without any of the risk. It is the best of both worlds.

Can you buy cryotherapy over the counter? ›

Cryotherapy at Home

You can also get cryotherapy products to remove warts at home. Over-the-counter kits use dimethyl ether propane instead of liquid nitrogen. They probably aren't as effective as the treatment you will get from your doctor in their office.

Is it OK to do cryotherapy everyday? ›

Cryotherapy is safe to do daily. and is for everyone, not just celebrities and professional athletes. Our JumpStart Package is a great starting point for clients that are interested in the restorative powers of cryotherapy.

How much does a cryotherapy franchise cost? ›

Start-up costs
Franchise Fee$45,000
Real Estate Improvements$181,750 – $271,750 *depending on market location
Furniture and Technology$20,000 – $24,000
Equipment$28,000 – $140,000 *financing options available
5 more rows

Is Cryo a good business? ›

Cryotherapy has an Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)

Whole-body cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is transforming the world of wellness and post-workout recovery.

What is the ROI for cryotherapy? ›

Return On Investment: 88.24% or ~8 months.

How many times can you do cryotherapy in a day? ›

Whole body cryotherapy can be safely done up to two times per day. With that said, here are some recommendations. For general wellness, 3-5 treatment sessions per week for the first month. For optimum health and wellness, 5 sessions per week for at least two weeks.

Should you shower after cryotherapy? ›

You can safely wash the area with water and a mild soap substitute (avoid body wash and soap). If the weeping is excessive, try to cover the area with a dressing.

Can you shower after whole body cryotherapy? ›

The whole body cryotherapy procedure is completely dry and doesn't involve sweating, so you don't have to worry about showering before or after the session. That means you can easily schedule sessions before work or during your lunch break.

Does cryotherapy work on sagging skin? ›

‍Cryotherapy decreases inflammation

‍Apart from wrinkles and sagging skin, this type of treatment also helps address redness and dark spots.

Does cryotherapy help sagging skin? ›

Cryo facials are an effective way to tighten and brighten the skin. They increase blood flow to the face, which can make the skin look healthy and plump.

Does cryotherapy tighten belly skin? ›

During a three minute Cryotherapy treatment, in a specialised clinic, you will be exposed to a controlled amount of cold, using nitrogen mist, which is a naturally occurring gas found in the air we breathe every day. When the skin is exposed to the extreme cold the blood vessels contract, firming and tightening skin.

Does cryotherapy detox your body? ›

How it Works: Cryotherapy provokes vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation as the body reheats. This process increases blood circulation and detoxification, enriches the blood with nutrients and oxygen and reduces inflammation.

Is Cryo skin FDA-approved? ›

Cryoskin is not FDA-approved, and more research is needed to understand all of its potential side effects fully. One study reported changes in skin color after treatment with Cryotherapy.

What did the FDA have to say about cryotherapy in 2016? ›

The agency warned that the machines can potentially be dangerous, putting people at risk of asphyxiation, particularly when liquid nitrogen is used for cooling. Additionally, cryotherapy participants are at risk of frostbite, burns and eye injury from the extreme temperatures, the agency said.

Is there any science behind cryotherapy? ›

The use of cryo has been shown to increase strength, power and agility. Research has found that whole body cryotherapy performed 1 hour after plyometric exercise resulted in improved power and pain (at rest and during the next workout).

Can cryotherapy damage your skin? ›

Cryotherapy risks include: Blisters and ulcers, leading to pain and infection. Scarring, especially if the freezing was prolonged or deeper areas of the skin were affected. Changes in skin color (skin turns white)

Do home cryolipolysis machines work? ›

No. CoolSculpting at home does not work and can potentially be dangerous. CoolSculpting at home typically refers to using ice packs, ice cubes, or machines to replicate cryolipolysis that the FDA-approved CoolSculpting machine utilizes to remove unwanted fat.

Is Cryo covered by insurance? ›

Some specialty insurers will provide some cryotherapy coverage but they either require a very high minimum premium or that the insured has a medical director, which rules out a lot of centers.


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